© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationA lot has been documented about alpha males across the world for ages. These are chaps that need no validation from any quarter. They come self-assured and with this demeanor that typically intimidates. Oozing confidence is what they are known for. They might be construed to be narcissistic which is not necessarily the case. There is a thin line than curves out the two. Alphas are people whose body language speaks for the mouth (narcissists place their mouth where reality is nowhere in the algebra). In fact the mouth is just a complimenter. They silence a buzzling room with their mere presence. They are people who stand out in a crowd probably because of their physique, unparalleled intelligence or their talent in wit or humour. Talk of Bien of Sauti Sol who is the topic of discussion all over the internet for ‘hanging’ on Obama shoulders. To me, it appeared like a mark of joy, excited for the two Presidents (Obama and Uhuru) joining them on stage in a State house dinner. He embraced both of them. That’s huge! You recall Larry Madowo and Jeff Koinange betting on who would interview President Obama first? That’s another duo of alphas.

Anyway, today I want to delve on the alpha females. A couple of days ago, I embarked on a journey that took me to the secretive women kingdom. Not much is known about this throne(s). Armed with my note book and a pen, I went on a mission to ‘investigate’ and unravel the murky tag of wars in this kingdom. Are women their own enemies? An affirmative YES. As much as women don’t get involved in physical fights, at least for the many cases; they throw this energy to emotional, verbal and  nonverbal wars. Women are constantly assessing their ‘opponents’ strong and weak points. They routinely evaluate and update their intelligence about their rivals through spies and ‘Secret Service personnel’. One of the focal points for these fights revolves around the politics of their bodies and dressing codes. Having the right package courtesy of a flawless face, drooping hair (artificial or otherwise) and a torso that can make necks wag, comes as the ultimate prize that many find themselves wading on. Women like standing out too, on a whole different level. From their make ups to their shoe games; women exhibit determination to get it right. On the flip side, some bleach while others take pills to enlarge their bosoms all for quick gains.

Now let me untangle the female alpha in your office. She is this boss lady who comes with her territory. She is the new head of your department; six feet tall and with this chocolate complexion baby’s face. Everything else just falls in the right place, in shape and size. She is your boss’s pet and an enigma of the office politics. She craves for loyalty in numbers. To her, sycophants are her fortress and interestingly, are spread across both genders. Any rebel is crushed with cold wars and all manner of blackmails. With her height, she hovers and towers over your confidence levels at will. Hers is to colonise small thrones in the office and abduct them for future wars. Radicalising colleagues is a task she adores with her blood veins. Being danced for and worshiped is something close to her heart.

She has a thing with intimidating men. Her, being a daddy’s girl has spoilt her to the bone. She attests to the fact that nobody can much her dad’s attributes. Her dad being her number one fan is tantamount to mean everybody else should also match and sing to that tune. Men are judged from the angle of her dad’s personality. She’s obsessed with office authority and reining kingdoms. Settling scores and fighting for power is what she’ll never let go. Power, real or imagined is a leverage she hangs on to prove females can rule and humiliate men in equal measure. When men report to her, it works magic for her esteem. Her anger issues towards anybody who doesn’t toe the line is a testimony of the blurred bigger picture. Of stepping on peoples esteems to prove she is the untamed, alpha and omega of this space you occupy for 8 long hours. All in a day’s work!

Even before I finish jotting this down, I sense it’ll be labelled a ‘controversial piece’ and the writer will be accused of insensitivity, patriarchal mentality and lampoon on the female gender. That is far from the truth. The thing is, alpha females exist all over office set ups, from here to the Oval Office in Washington D.C , and admire being aggressive as their male counterparts in the management levels. Why this works in opposite is because its different from healthy assertiveness. Self-drive, hard work, excellent communicational and organisational skills are found within healthy assertiveness. Depiction of high hard hardness, aloofness and selective decorum across the hierarchy structure are signs of an alpha female. The fact remains; women can climb the promotional ladder gracefully by epitomising skills in communication, judgment, sensitivity and psychological insight – all traits needed to be a good leader.

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  1. Lovely article……. Relatable……. Probably the reason that feeds their esteem is the same that’s makes them not a preferred candidate for leadership…… Unfortunately

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