Death; people fear you,

Some avoid you,

They hide from you,

They tremble any time you pounce,

Death; you make us cry,

You rob us our dear ones before giving a heads up.

Can I make a deal with you, death!

That before I die, I’ll need to have a mother in law,

I’ll need to have two kids.

I’ll need to assist them with their homework,

I’ll need to drop them, at their school gate every day.

Is that much to ask, before I die?

Wait, can I have like seventy more years to live?

To be with my family and take them round the world,

Will you be patient with me, to see my kids marry?

I will be glad if I held my grandchildren!

Mentored them and probably danced with them.

Was I even supposed to be diplomatic with you?

Do you even deserve my courtesy?

Not that you ever apply it anyway, in your dispensation.

I told the right things to the wrong being.

You and I should not have had this conversation.

Let’s meet when my God authorises,

Not earlier, not soon.

That’s a deal. Deal!!

Thank you.


ffMy good friend; you different,

You loyal, you real, you smart,

You do you! I got you,

I appreciate you.


You lend me your ear anytime I need it,

I share my dreams and fears with you,

You tell me about your family,

Your childhood. You disclose to me your struggles,

You’re a motivator, you’re brave,

You’re awesome.


You return so many favours,

We laugh and cry together,

We surmount mean rumours,

Their envy oils our friendship

We overlook snitches, sadists,

And scorning eyes.

When they invade our beautiful world.


We take a bullet on behalf of each other,

We stare each other on the face all long,

We ‘treat’ each other,

We surprise each other,

We speak one language, ask Drake!


Our friendship has defied distance and time.

Spanning years and surviving life hiccups.

We laugh our hearts out when we meet,

In our usual rendezvous,

Where we gulp down, sweet wine,

As we recall the fond memories.


We’re epic, we’re unapologetic,

We break rules and conventions, we’re bold,

We don’t need approvals!








Val.jpgI took a risk to love you.

I loved you even when we were strangers.

My heart dazzled when our eyes met.

You tolerated my silly discourse.

You were patient with me even if I didn’t deserve the patience.

You listened keenly and propped smart questions.

One simple text led to another.

One simple reply motivated more.

One coffee date laid the foundation for many more.

One smile developed to laughter and a joyous feeling.

One phone call led to many hours of phone conversations.

We created a new world of love.

Engulfed by an ambience of mutual fulfilment.

We chose to trust each other every day of our lives.

We chose to protect our love from all preventable harm.

We chose to leave a trail of envy in every coffee shop we visit,

In every mall we visit, in every road trip we embark on,

And in every social gathering we attend.

We chose to put God first in everything we do.

We chose to pray together.

We chose to ignore our nemesis.

And instead, chose to be a vessel of love.

We chose to love, LOVE.


artLife is beautiful and painful,
Its exciting and annoying,
Its kind and mean,
Its compassionate and unfair
All I ask; whats with life,

The scorching sun, sending its heated rays far and wide,
The dry winds blowing from the highlands to the plains,
Women agonising of the looming famine as they walk for
kilometers, in search of an oasis,
Disillusioned men bogged by life, juggle for long,
In quest of casual work, all in futility,
Toddlers crying for a mama’s breast to quench a thirst,

In another world, somebody is running up and down,
Chasing elusive dreams,
Trying to beat deadlines,
Cruising with self centered personalities,
Massaging egos of his seniors,
Is this all about life

Being haunted by stagnation,
Every aspect of life is seemingly routine,
Or so it seems, of people not honouring promises,
Fake smiles, fake concerns, flattering friends,
Mediocre mindsets, sycophants everywhere, narcissist fellows,
Who thrive in lies

The world is run by gossip,
Withholding information and getting away with it,
Building careers and crumbling them as well,
Stalking is what we do all day in social media,
Overrated personalities and insecure lovers is who we are,
who cheat, blackmail and trade threats sensationally.
Is there more to life!


anguishIts shocking, its terrifying. Our new norm is driven to a large extent by sad news,
Mothers burying their alive babies,
Fathers killing their entire families,
Siblings hacking each other to death,
Is the story of our times.

Villains butchering fellow country men/women in the name of religion.
Churches thriving in hypocrisy and open deceit,
Mosques covering up terrorism networks perpetrated in house of Allah,
Preachers succumbing to adultery, Congregations being condemned for being ‘poor’
Is the story of our times.

Stripping women in the name of ‘indecency’ dressing,
Ladies falling short of walking nude, to appease the mass,
Youths dwarfed by hard drugs, having been reduced to zombies,
Fathers being stripped their responsibilities due to addiction to cheap liquor,
Is the story of our times.

Pedophile uncles salivating over their nieces,
Erosion of young boys’ innocence by venereal house girls,
Rape and chopping to death of our beloved mothers,
sisters, aunts and close friends,
Is the story of our times.

Pupils being punished for attending private schools,
Scoring 407 marks and missing a slot in high school,
Students falling victim of self centered teachers unions’
Is the story of our times.

Our coolness is defined by Instagram pics of us smoking shisha,
Our society is full of conformers and timid personalities,
Who ridicule people who stand out, of the crowd,
Is the story of our times.

We’re frozen by impunity, in the man eat man society,
We’ve taken cue of Sodom and Gomorrah,
Ignorance of warning signs, in the book of Revelation,
Is the story of our times.


kiqThe days are flying pretty fast.
Expectations are growing and glowing from every corner.
My mind and heart are holding me at ransom.
All pushing in different directions, selfishly.
My intuition is compromised by mistakes in the over 20 years span.
While at it, hope for a better day.

Self realisation and a prayer a day will save me.
Not validations and affirmations from all and sundry.
In fact I’m more motivated when I prove people wrong than when am
bombarded with expectations.
Rise up my mind, surmount mediocrity and simpleton mentality.
While at it, hope for a better day.

My heart don’t trust easily. I know that’s a tall order for you,
seek advice from your brother(brain) when overwhelmed. Bleed if you can,
cry to create room for happiness. And when it comes, forget the flaws,
live in the moment. Appreciate every experience, that’s appreciating life.
While at it, hope for a better day.

My mind, I’m a consequence of your decisions.
Sometimes profound ones, sometimes silly ones.
Take your time my mind, patience is a virtue.
Embrace it, all day.
Nevertheless, don’t lose opportunities, take the heads up, from
your cousins(eyes) downstairs seriously. Surge and grab them(opportunities)
not the Langata way, though.
While at it, hope for a better day.

My legs, keep walking as Octopizzo advises. My eyes don’t be intimidated by the sun.
Wear the dark glasses and dare it. Keep me focused and all knowing.
I depend on you to see the world. My conscious, be at ease. Keep me clean, spiritually.
While at it, hope for a better day.


sssAt times i wonder why we have to flaunt of our cars, spouses, big houses. I get pissed off.

Am not an exception too, at times it slips off. I piss many. Other times am not the best friend. I sneeze some arrogance.

My veins will at times flow with bloody temper. I can be annoying, I know how to irritate, at times.

Having said that, I know I try to be nice, courteous, rational and all those virtues put together, but at times

i find myself losing the sensitivity of life.

My patience is taken advantage of, not always but occasionally. At times i find myself at crossroads,

trying to please two camps who don’t  take a shit of what i do. They laugh all the way to the bank,

as I wipe my sweat after days of labour. I lose life, I lose opportunities, I lose family all in the name of working hard.

At times my heart will be troubled, at times i’ll go by the flow, not giving a damn. Its the hard reality

of playing catch up with life. God your are my best friend, however cliche it is purported to sound. How I wish I would

listen, like you always lend me your ear. You are gentle and understanding. At times i take it for granted, sad

as it appears. Please forgive me.

I dare to dream everyday, at times the dreams dwindle, almost vanishing, chocked by snears and scorning eyes.

Prayers  from my mother and your love, rescue me from jaws of delinquency and evil spirits, always roaming like vultures,

out looking for a carcass. I wake up motivated, unapologetic for my success and your favour, only at times.

At times I think too hard, take myself too seriously, fight insomnia in the dark hours and battle unwarranted worries. At times I crave for better days.

At times am misunderstood. But this is all in a day’s work. Fighting personal struggles and wars with the outer world.

I promise myself not to lose momentum, otherwise  I’ll not break the glass ceilings.

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