sssssssssMeet Stephani*. She is 25, full of life, with round, beautiful eyes and yellow yellow legs. And since she’s aware of her cute legs, she does above-the-knees dresses. She looks kind hearted and a church girl. You know church girls, right? I’ve penned it before in this blog. Of how they plait their hair and their type of shoes. (No pun intended.) So, Stephani* is a sales lady in one of the mainstream banks around. From what I understand with most banks, a salesperson works for six months under probation. A duration meant to prove ones worthiness in relation to you ‘bringing new customers’ to your bank. If you are lucky to pass that excruciating stage, you do another twelve months in a more progressive stage. Again, if you deliver, you are permanently absorbed.

The things is, to bring customers to your employer, you must be aggressive and possess a saleable personality. You must be this person who is gifted in breaking ice effortlessly, in matters holding conversations with total strangers. People will likely listen to you if you look warm and smile genuinely. If you appear to be honest and knowledgeable in your field, it’ll be an added advantage. So Stephani* is in this situation of meeting new people everyday and showcasing her services. She meets dozens of married men in the age of her dad in a week who apart from obliging to open bank accounts, she gets surprised by their dare devil approaches for endless dinner dates. They always want a piece of her, to milk dry all her innocence and conquer her charming beauty. Generous promises from these married men more often than not expose young lasses achille heels. And she is not unique. Most sales persons are young ladies and married men salivate over these souls unrelentingly.

Stephani* being a grounded christian finds herself in a catch 22. Between a job she badly needs to retain and dealing with libido dangling men who also happen to be her potential clients. She confesses she doesn’t envisage her daughter choosing a career like hers since married men chase her than the single young guys do. But why are married men cheating on their partners openly and ashamedly? We are in a generation that is suffering from unprecedented lust combined with upside down values. In married circles, if you have a young, bubbling lady by your side, you’ll be admired by 50 year old men. It works for their esteem somehow. After many nights of boring and cold nights in their over 15 years marriage or some even less than 5, they crave for this campus girls with an apetite for free money and dealing with hormonal imbalances of seducing rich, married men.

Why are married men fighting tooth and nail to befriend 21 year old girls for the ultimate objective of laying them? This is a result of them dealing with an empowered career or business woman who also makes good money like them. And because naturally men are wired to depict authority, a huge chunk of that clout has been plucked off leaving them exposed to all manner of vulnerabilities. Underage ladies and alcohol are their only source of redemption.

On the other hand, guys in this game are facing ladies their age or younger with better options. Consequently the bar has been supposedly raised to filter many of them. Hence many guys even in good jobs are settling down with tea girls or mpesa ladies (no pun intended) as a result. This for one, gives them room to redeem their badly maimed esteem and exercise authority over these subjects. Otherwise its only in isolated cases where you’ll hear of this chaps marrying their colleagues.

Unfortunately, legions of young ladies have accepted to push their career paths while their bodies do the negotiations. They don’t mind being laid by their potential bosses to get a job. In any case, who’ll get to know? These class is hysterical for quick gains and unrealistic goals. Technology has made the world a small place to observe enviable lifestyles dilly dallying left, right and center. As these lasses literary run away from ‘poverty’, they meet married wagons also running away from embattled homes. Its a meeting of sorts, and so are the end results. Some are also in the process of finding their father figures after surviving from problematic childhoods. Whatever they get is always more than they bargained for.

Guys ‘ready to marry’ are having a very hard time navigating this stage. In the end, married men still make them look bad. The tragedy is, even the newly wedded chaps are being hooked to this craze. Soon after they wed, one year after the honeymoon moods have evaporated, they come back to harvest where they didn’t sow. So what can a poor man with no means do apart from sitting back, watch this subtle chain unravel and in the process hope for a better day in the hunting field!

Stephani is not her real name.


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