The campaign was organised  by Now Available Africa (NAA), a pan-African agency based in Accra, in collaboration with Good Business, a private United Kingdom (UK)-based consulting company, whose aim is to control tobacco use among young adults.

Previously on Millenial Zone

She lived in a bubble that travelled furiously fast. It all counted to money, with all the dangerous pinnacles permitting from its edges. Its players being the usual suspects; older men, drinks, drugs, soiled relationships and intriguing sexualism. Her body was a money maker thanks to her extravagance. Was it all her fault? She’d wonder. Campus life was too competitive especially for ladies who had a liking for quick gratification. It was a big deal to be perceived as a baller. In any case, it was fashionable to be popular for all the wrong reasons; like hanging out with rich boys if not affluent old men who were combing for affairs with young girls. In return, these pretty things would laugh all the way to the bank as they fed their appetite for easy money. These were ladies who were obsessed with chasing a certain status, packaged in an elusive lifestyle.

Eunetta was caught up in such a struggle. At a glance, she was a radiant-looking typical campus girl who would keep a shaved head on the sides and have braids in between, interchanged with colourful wigs depending on her moods. She had small eyes that would often close whenever she was caught up in a peal of hearty laughter. The same eyes would turn out tearful whenever she got emotional especially after cross-examining her life that had, with all intent, mutated contrary to what her parents would have expected of her. Seemingly, having betrayed her strict religious childhood life and apparently opting to lean on the greener side of life, her emotions would really sour only calmed down by a puff of opium.

She had rising cheekbones fixed within a glowing light complexion. Her infectious smile would gladly expose her well-organized teeth that evidently looked perfectly shaped except for the two main smiling teeth that squeezed out on its edges competing for scarce space that housed them. Moreover, she had a bigger bust when compared to her body size. Nevertheless, she had a free-flowing skin tone that earned her extra bragging rights.

In one of those nights, she accompanied her pack to such clubs where patrons visit to ogle ladies dancing while grinding on a poll. Of ladies dancing in birth suits or scanty lingerie, swaying suggestively much to the delight of grown-up men who during the day belong to parents associations if not estate security forums and in the worst-case – men who nudge their chin beards sitting in high ranking boardroom meetings. Here she met a very awkward caliber of patrons – where the male composition in attendance was made up of souls that have relationship or marriage issues or basically curious fellows who had to feed a distraction. Men sipped their beers eyes fixed and drooling on the ladies juggling their bodies as the said ladies took control over their testosterone glands. Perhaps what similarly puzzled a first-timer, was the increasing female patron size present in these S – Clubs, stirring the sophistication they beheld nowadays in the dating arena.

On another weekend she found herself on the ballroom with a complete stranger in his late 50’s grooving towards her and dancing rhythmically for the rest of the night. She joined his table only to be spoiled by more drinks. Numbers were exchanged and subsequently, the guy started visiting her in school much to the envy of her peers. Predictably, he took her out more often, if not travelling for escapades out of town. Consequently, she gave in to his demands in exchange for a well-oiled enviable lifestyle as far as her peers were concerned.

She changed her hairstyle weekly, shopped in the likes of Mr. Price and Woolworths, did her nails in the best of the beauty parlours and checked for coffee dates in high-end malls in the leafy suburbs. She moved houses crossing over from one side of life that was clouded with perceived empathy and so-called stagnation to the other side that promised colour, instant gratification and easy money. Moreover, she crisscrossed town via Uber and found herself getting invited to exclusive house parties in palatial estates. She visited the most notorious brothels in the city and the most wayward strip clubs. She had smoked shisha even with its ban in the most prestige clubs Nairobi had to offer. Besides, she had attended parties where guns were shoveled, traded and whisked anyhow.

But as Karma laughs last, she got dumped out of infidelity, never mind for cheating an already cheating man. Struggling to deal with the new reality she succumbed to depression. Subsequently, she got introduced to drugs in a party where she smoked a weed –flavoured cigar for the first time.  She loved the happy feeling since it made her forget all her tribulations. Besides, she felt calmer and would laugh sheepily. Smoking weed appeared to fill the voids in her life. With the too much freedom campus life exuded, and incidentally having outgrown getting carried away by alcohol, weed was a good distractor. Soon enough, she learnt how to hold it on her lips, since holding it and letting out the smoke through the nose was a skill one had to learn. Eventually, she found herself sending her male friends to buy her a stick or two since no drug peddlers would sell their wares to strangers. In no time addiction had kicked in and as it did so, she discovered sniffing heroine was even more fulfilling. She would fetch 100gms at no lesser than 3k which ostensibly drained her as she enjoyed the moments.

Sly got wind of her addictions and the depression posing to run over her. Spotting her in a current state was a shocker since she had metamorphosed to a pale shadow of her high school personality. But one thing had remained constant in their span of time – they still traded feelings for each other. Well, as fate would have it, Sly baled her out from the drugs mess and overtime she shed off depression even though temporarily. Eunetta got back to her cycle of dating older men and lecturers. Dating lecturers was close to winning a jackpot which in essence made studying hard or having exam fevers never a bother. Lecturers fixed her grades as she took care of their loin glands, so to speak.

At some point, a close friend went missing. Anita who dated a renowned politician was nowhere to be found in a space of a week. Friends and family members called Eunetta frantically. A terribly shaken Eunetta joined them in combing all city morgues and infamous places where bodies murdered elsewhere got dumped, clinging on the elusive hope that she’d still be breathing life. That wasn’t the case.

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