Everyday when I watch the news, when I browse the social sites , when Iread the newspapers, all I  come across are deaths, deaths and more deaths.People are dying in numbers.And worse still they are dying gruesome and painful deaths.

From homicide, police shoot outs, bomb explosions, collapsing buildings, capsizing ferries, murder,cannibalism…….From Syria Iraq, Afaghanistan, Somali,both Sudan, DRC, Mali etc violence is the order of the day.My empathy goes to the children who can barely comprehend whats going on.I fear for the generations to come, they ‘ll be ushered in to a very messy world.

Our shock absorbers have been stretched to the limit.The eldery can not fathom these events.How can they understand the brutality  and selfnishness of this level.The future looks precarious, living  a day is not mere achievement atleast in this chatic world.

I do not know if you are equally  worried,could it be passing of the prophecies in the book of revelation, nation s rising against nations.Even the developed countries are grappling with radical Islamists who are busy indrocinating susceptible youths.

Lets join hands to repent our sins, to seek God’s intervention for a peaceful world and a people that upholds tolerance and love.


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