Lessons from the Deceased

Many are the times when we clog the social media with messages of griefing and mourning heroes and heroines in our society.What I never understand is why we never practice their good virtues which we always talk about.Take a look at the late W.Maathai,a true patriot,a noble leader who depicted great love for our environment.A woman of courage ,resilience and great determination.She made it sink to us that we cant neglect the environment and expect it not to bite.Look around,we throw rubbish all over,we cut down trees anyhow,we build apartments over drainage systems,we grab recreation lands selfishsly,our children have no place 2play..Hon G.Saitoti was a v.peaceful man,Hon Ojode was one of the diligent leaders of all times,..Lets stop shedding crocodile tears,if we truely love this people lets take over where they left.. We have so many things to learn from our deceased.Please support me in this noble task

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