Show me a road that was constructed and awaited with much hype as Thika road.Its arguably the most sophisticated and modern road we have in East and Central Africa.But Kenyans are not ready for such roads.We still suffer from mediocrity hung over.The foot paths have turned into dens of street children,pedestrians do not see their importance.The road has claimed so many deaths as a result, yet we do not learn.And still on Thika road,it has been coloured with ugly graffiti.To me its an eye sore,so sad.

One thing i admire with developed countries for, is their self discipline in traffic rules.You do not start the engine until the green light indicates so regardless of whether the road is clear.In Nairobi and other major cities in Kenya  its very chaotic.The transport sector has ignored the ‘michuki rules’ which were meant to bring sanity on the road.I have never been to Rwanda but  have read so many blogs and articles regarding their orderliness on the road and conservation of the environment.

Major cities in Kenya have poor drainage systems,garbage littered every where, haphazard constructions etc The local government is in slumber land.

Grabbing of recreation centers and other social amenities is common and ‘acceptable’.Cowboy contractors as usual doing shoddy work on the roads due to corruption in tendering.Kitengela is a good example of a town that is growing very fast but ones it rains its impassable.This is due to poor planning.

Wangari Maathai tried her level best to make as fathom the importance of conserving our environment.But its ‘normal’ for every typical Kenyan to throw litters on the road as they drive.Many cities do not have dust bins!To us environment protection  is inconsequential.

We cant purport to dream of VISION 2030 if we do not change our minds first.


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