Demystifying Terrorism

Terrorism is a new phenomenal that the world is strugling to mitigate.Everyday newer tricks,methods,tactics and innovations are being explored by the said terrorists.Am made to understand that the ultimate desire of this movement is to creat panic and fear.For this to happen,they ensure they kill as many people as possible and get the necessarily media attention.The more the attention the better the satisfaction.Our biggest challenge as a country is that we border a very dangerous country,Somali.A nation that last had an effective government in 1990.That means there is a generation that has never witnessed the rule of law.No school no nothing,all they do is engage in clan wars .For many years Somali has been a training ground for terrorists.Radicalisation is the order of the day.Kenya is grapling with unemployment of its youth,this is the advantage terrorists take,give the youths afew thousand shillings and even promise more and they are radicalised.Unfortunately some mosques and imams have been part of the process.Our greatest enemies are within us,youths that have decided to betray their motherland and the security personnel along the borders who having sinked in corruption have thereby mortgaged their country.Terrorists are attacking churches to create a notion that the war is between religions.Lets all accept to be vigilant,engage in community policing,support our government and most importantly pray to the Almighty God to protect and save Kenya from its enemies


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