Happiness is a choice

We are living in a virtually tough world.Everyone is working hard to makes ends meet.Consequently the nature of our work makes it impossible to meet regulary with our close friends and relatives.It therefore means life can sometimes be lonely.Away from that, marriage has been poisoned by the media,people no longer believe in love.Sex has been commercialised and overrated.Cheating of loved ones has been ‘accepted’ by the society.Thats aside, people naturally believe in their negatives than the positives.We have the ‘cant-do mentality’.All these are enemies of happiness.We cant expect our friends to fulfill happiness for us,we’l be disappointed.It has to start from our mindset.We must train ourselves to be resilient,to build self confidence,to be our best friends,to be optimistic,to listen to ourselves and know our strengths and weaknesses.We must also learn to forgive ourselves and also shun self criticism.Someone said,”if an egg is broken from the outside life ends,if its broken from the inside life begins”.Mahatma also said a ‘No’ said with conviction is much better than a ‘Yes’ merely said to please.


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