jjj On this Monday morning, am preparing to churk for jobo. Am also listening to the very talented Angela Angwenyi on Nation FM as she shares this intriguing and very sad state of affairs in this nation. That because you are not well connected and monied, so to speak; justice will never come to you. That magistrates and cops are paid to look the other way and turn a blind eye. I was sorry for this poor lady who has been to hell and back. Why does life has to be this cruel and brutal? Why is nature punishing her this hard?

Tracing it back, Elizabeth got married when she already had a daughter. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry marries a lady who already has a biological kid. Many a times this kids bear childhood abuse silently. They get traumatised and intimidated in equal measure. So one day, Elizabeth left her kids in the house doing homework and dashed out. She met a shocker when she came back. Her first born daughter (the one she got hitched with) had been raped and beaten by her step-father in no time. Elizabeth informed her mother in law who promised to handle her son and even went ahead to instruct Elizabeth not to take this kid to the hospital

A furious Elizabeth ignored this woman’s pleas and took her daughter to a nearby clinic. This was the beginning of her feud with her mother in law. She would stomach insults and threats from this mother in law as she went ahead to report the case to the police. The case stalled in court for years dwindling every hope Elizabeth had, to seek justice. Later on, her husband would get cops to kick her from their matrimonial home. Police on arrival were surprised that the so called woman that was reported to them was actually one known to them, always frequenting their station to seek help. They instead changed their mind and attempted to arrest this chap who upon realising this, scattered away.

Elizabeth was later on hoodwinked by a brother to this guy to meet him so that they could end the ‘feud’ between her and mother in law and probably settle the ongoing case out of court. Its after a cup of tea that this guy would convince Elizabeth to accompany him in visiting her mother in law who by this time was in Kenyatta National Hospital. Once in the car, she met three more chaps who would actually drive her to Karura Forest. Here, she would be detained for three days whereby they stripped her, took pics of her private parts and raped her repeatedly in turn. I forgot to mention that by this time, she was three months pregnant out of another rape ordeal from another gang sent by her husband in cahoots with his family to intimidate her to drop the case in court.

All along, FIDA and Witness Protection Department were aware of Elizabeth’s story, since its not once that she seeked help from them. On the other hand, her husband’s family admitted bribing the magistrate handling the case with sh.400,000 while he/she was demanding for sh.500,000. Its okay to conclude we’re in an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth times. Its despicable, when people buy justice and even go ahead to intimidate and humiliate the victims. Its unfathomable that institutions vested with dispensing justice without fear or favour have been infiltrated and compromised to an extent of being the biggest impediment to justice. Its a sad reality that evil is being perpetuated in our doorsteps and neighborhoods but we can’t speak about it. We keep complaining that our politicians are engaging in runaway impunity and rampant corruption while we are not any better. Incest cases are on the rise going unreported due to intimidation and blackmail from perpetrators.

On the other hand you’ll be bothered by what men have become. And whats with mothers from hell covering up their beyond repair boys (pretending to be men), thereby encouraging them to sink deeper in wickedness? Am disturbed by this generation with the attitude of see no evil and hear no evil. Why are people comfortable with such news while they go about their businesses unperturbed? We should already be holding demos to FIDA’s headquarters, Chief Justice’s office and Director of Public Prosecution office demanding answers and their justification to be in office while all these is happening. I mean, for how long will poor mums suffer in the hands of paedophilic boys disguising as men, salivating over their daughters and who show no difference from a dog that can’t contain its sexual desires. Elizabeth’s first daughter was robbed her childhood. The horrible experiences she shared with her mum made her mature pretty early in life. Now these are some of the consequences of a family institution in disarray.



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  1. Humanly speaking i really sympathise with her, and i believe in justice, but just a moment on a more logical note, before things get this far, why do these ‘elizabeths” let it happen, are these Kenyans also to blame for their ignorance??? Give us a break!!!!

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