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I never understand why men married to housewives never see the sense in appreciating that they are virtually, employersSatisfying a housewife is damn expensive, a tall order that needs a very patient, rational man and the icing on the cake – a standing ovation. A considerable percentage of their monthly budget will be labelled; Her. Placed there to caution him, as well as work as a contingency measure, just in case.  To that extent, you would rather deal with that housewife who burns hours watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, attending to her kitchen-garden or escorting cum receiving your kids to and from school than one who takes it a notch higher by making it clear that a day can only be spent in the gym.

Speaking of the gym;

The stakes are high for healthier lifestyles, that serving as a blessing in disguise for gym madness to comb and set shop in every tiny space available in our estates to high end places in town. This has also been complicated by the self-proclaimed gym instructors who in actual sense are body builders. For your information, there is a huge difference between the two. Google is your friend. The industry has been very lucrative thanks to our bad eating habits made worse by long hours of sitting. Now, for a potential investor, all one needs is space to rent. Nothing bigger than a space that would also fit in a sizeable barber shop. That done, he’ll go for a wielder who will come up with a myriad of crude gym equipments that the closest he’ll have come across them will be in the internet. Hiring a wannabe gym instructor with no papers to prove but a body to convince will follow. He will hire him anyway. Nobody regulates this business and there he will be, set to go. One more quick one, he will also require a nice carpet and store overpriced counterfeit mineral water.

Speaking of which; I’m fond of checking on Talia Oyando moves on IG about her passion for keeping fit. Every week she shares her prowess in the house of fitness doing crazy aerobics from high kicks, sit ups and exercises that seemingly would make me sigh to the end of the world. At her age she is doing very well. Talia looks 19 if not younger. Her body shape and fitness looks like the girl-next-door who just cleared high school. Talia and that girl’s energy are at par. When I was in class 5, a whole 15 years ago, Talia was still in radio if I’m not wrong. This lady is growing younger every single day. And she deserves it. She works hard to maintain her fitness.

While Talia is doing very well fitness-wise, there is another class of women obsessed with the gym and gym instructors. Women who will take an entire year to lose a single kilogram. For them, they never frequent the gym to lose weight or keep fit but to have a good time! Most of them are housewives bored by spending an entire day in the house. You will find them at at 12:00 noon on a Monday in the gym armed in their tight body suits that display their body meanders and contours as they try in vain to do press ups. They will try and fail miserably and that won’t bother them. And the gym instructor won’t care a thing too. Mind you, gym fees nowadays cost an arm and a leg. It’s like taking a kid to a middle class boarding school.

For these women clientele, they will blackmail their hardworking husbands to pay for them the gym fees to cut on their sagging tummy. To them, whether that money is utilised fully in the gym will be nowhere in their concerns list. Whether they shred or not, any sagging mass will be a case of devil-may-care kind of thing!  All that will matter is going to the gym and having a good time with the gym instructors. Read – Admiring his veined abs, pronounced chest and killing some hours.

They will deliberately have their lingerie lines all too revealing if not having their cleavages over exposed much to the amusement of the instructor. Well from a man’s perspective, that’s too worrying. We are insecure human beings even if we pretend not to. Yes we spend numerous hours worrying how a Waiganjo-like man spends uninterrupted five hours with our hard-to-please, seductively dressed women. It’s of concern when another man flaunts of more material than you who have paid dowry, to write home about your woman’s sweat or the smell of her flatus. This is the same guy who will brag to understand more about the shape of your wife’s body, and which particular area needs more work to align. It is even disturbing enough when a gym instructor posts pics of his so called clients on social media and you happen to spot your spouse in one them posing in venereal and awkward positions.

If only walls would speak, God knows the can of worms that would emerge from this house. A lot is left to be desired when a trainer spends more time taking selfies, vaunting her flawless body or parading her assets all over I.G than training. And by the way, it’s actually unhealthy to train as you take those flavoured juices. It’s pointless. You are just but adding more sugars and calories to your body. Drink pure water to hydrate your body. You never go wrong with water. We are a generation that is consuming too much sugars and reducing that intake is so much important towards attaining a healthy lifestyle than spending a million hours hobnobbing in the gym. Now, will the gym instructor grapple this topic? Your guess is as good as mine.


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