20141228_084128[1]We that work on Saturdays normally have a tendency of looking forward to Sundays. Sunday is that harmless day, so to speak, free flowing and gentle. For me, Sundays is a time of healing from the previous week bruises. I find myself reflecting, assessing and reinventing myself ready for the following week. I take time to read extensively on this day though nowadays I will lazily watch a movie in the afternoon if not taking a siesta.

Last Sunday was not that different only that I was more at peace, happy and in good books with my conscious. Actually, I was so challenged by the people I interacted with on that day.  Immediately after the church service, by the way am a church guy, at least most of the time. I walked straight to the newspaper vendor who hardly knows my name. I didn’t have ‘loose money’ for ease of getting my balance back. It would mean waiting for like 20 people to be served. So this guy hands me my copy and tells me he has no problem with me paying next Sunday. To be frank, I was very surprised.  This is not your typical vendor who even after bumping into him countless times on the streets to expect him to entrust you with his wares for a later pay day. That’s very unusual in my country, or so I was proved wrong. We have profound people darted all over, only that we overlook them.

That’s not all, with my surprise I walked home but before that, I set foot in my local supermarket to get some few items. As soon as I was served by the cashier, the guy behind me on the queue gives a heads up, asking me if am interested in getting some bonus points now that he forgot his shopping card.  As you are aware this is an inimitable occurrence, I quickly nod to him as I  get my card. By the time I got home, I felt mean and selfish, the people I met on that day clearly made me look bad.  It never hit me that ‘kumbe’ there are great people in our small worlds.

Feeling drained by the scorching sun, I sip some cold water as I flip over the TV stations. I am eager for more inspiration on this day. I stumble on Family TV and the preacher, one John Hagee gives a conflagrant speech warning of the coming rapture many Christians are not prepared for. With prosperity gospel all over our TV screens in the recent past, this is a program I dare not to ignore. Hagee goes ahead to point out the warning signs, of the coming of Messiah in great lengths. The only other place you can get similar preaching’s is at Prophet Owuor’s church. The message was, we must repent and take control our lives before it’s too late.

The subsequent program is even more worthy to watch. The preacher who I didn’t get his name teaches about Abel and Cain’s story in the bible. Cain developed jealousy to his younger brother seemingly because the Lord favoured Abel after they made offerings to Him. Genesis 4:1 – 26. Our generation is obsessed with jealousy. We loathe everybody around us and in so doing help them count their blessings as we overlook ours. Jealousy begins where our talents and skills end, said the preacher. He shares a memorable bible verse, that we can reread in our low moments equating to calling the hotline 911(Psalms 91:1).Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

Catching up on the day’s paper, Christ Hart a popular columnist wrote on how the world worships talent but really values character. He talks about how we are misguided that our purpose in life is seeking happiness. According to him, what you feel when doing things beyond youself is more fulfilling. He concludes that greatness comes from selfless determination to improve society for the benefit of all.

Later on I proceed to watch the eagerly awaited Arsenal vs Man City game. I sit next to this white man who after exchanging pleasantries informs me he is French. I quickly indulge him on the anti-Muslim attacks in his country on the wake of Paris attacks. He sounds unaware and the conversation is cut short by the kick off. He is warm and diplomatic

The challenge that disturbs my mind as I lay in bed after such a memorable is whether my impact on people around me or whom I interact with on my daily hustles would warrant somebody to write about me in a story I will never come across. Can that random person who bumps into you, for the shortest time possible needlessly find he/she narrating to his/her friends a positive encounter with you?

May you be that person who’ll take up the challenge.

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