For the last two months, there has been a series of demonstrations marked by every spirit and breath of a typical street demo. From whistles blowing to boda boda hooting and placards bellowing #JusticeforAnastashia, men and women venting their anger out, with some rolling on the road with all gist of theatrics, some waving twigs and branches all in an attempt to protest on the alleged raping of the campus student Anastashia. Kahuruko Township which is arguably the nerve center and heartbeat of the nearby villages has had its lucrative bustle and hustle of throngs of humans get interrupted by the street protests taking place every Monday and Friday.

The participants have loyally turned up with hardly any inducement, marching all the way from Komothai Catholic Parish at one end of the town, meandering through Kajinga market bringing business to a standstill especially on Fridays which is usually a market day, crisscrossing through Mung’etho Cattle dip – the biggest in the entire Kimahure Division, snailing across Karumaindo plaza a 5 storey skyscraper which is under construction and finally setting base at the Chief’s camp demanding an address from him. Speaking of Chief Kiahuthu, he has had a hard time pleading for more patience before the investigations are concluded.

5 storey is only a skyscraper in this part of the world! And while at it, what’s with Kenyans and waving tree branches during demos? Please let trees be!

The relationship between Shush Damaris an ardent Catholic faithful and the Parish Priest has rather been strained during this period. In actual fact, Father Gichuki a fitness enthusiast is a personal friend to Njagi and his grandma hence the reason why their interaction has been gravely affected by Anastasia’s scandal. He has found himself between a rock and a hard place. He is among hundreds if not thousands of humans who are closely following this developing story which has sharply divided the entire division between those who bought the rape story and went ahead to demand justice for Anastasia and the group that is alleging no rape took place and in fact it was consensual sex between two adults and not the 10 boys. Actually, some say one of the suspects is a renown gay crusader who can’t place his eyes on a lady.

Speaking of which, Father Gichuki always does regular morning races weekly, running about 10 kilometers up the Nduduri hills, down the Tigithi bridge that seasonally hosts River Tigithi which drains its contents in Lake Ol bolosat, and taking a turn across the Kahuho plains where a family of white settlers by the name Dyer and Diana own hundreds of land acreage running a flower firm and wheat farm that are highly depended upon by thousands of families. He (Father Gichuki) has this balding head that compels him to naturally clean-shave. His face is unusually flawless with no mustache nor drooping hair, making him stand out in a gang of men. He has an impressive command of spoken English that is deservedly aided by his rich vocabulary range that gets showcased through his excellent communication skills.

That aside, Syokimau TV and FM radio have for the last two weeks not spared any day to air live talk shows about the degrading moral compass among teenagers, with some of its audience apportioning the blame to parents and the general society for lack of credible role models. Listeners would call in claiming it’s not the teenagers to blame since they look up to the deeds of the adults around them who can’t help much as they too are engaging in all manner of ignominious behaviors. Parents called in saying working hard for their children is inevitable even if it meant sacrificing the hours they’d ostensibly share with their kids. One thing was clear though, that technology had totally messed the society by providing so much information at a click of a button. It emerged, the current generation is over-informed and that it was abusing social media platforms.

Finally, the day was here. The moment was palpable. The courtroom was heavily pregnant with eagerness. The air inside was hot, stuffy and dreadful. Most faces were lost to other worlds, deep in thoughts and with anxiety taking a toll on them. Sharply dressed lawyers affectionately exchanged pleasantries. Some walked in and out carrying heavy loads of files. Outside the courtroom were dotted hordes of people each trying to sell their arguments about the infamous back to school night.

Sly was in the room with Mitch, Harrison and a couple of other classmates to Njagi. They had boarded a 6 am matatu to make it on time for the hearing and determination of the case, some 200 kilometers from the City. The case would go either way pouring fortune or mishap to the future of their boy Njagi and their friendship. Everything was at stake, at least for now. Interestingly, Shiku was in attendance too, to emphasize her loyalty and solidarity to a man that was her heartthrob even if the feeling was apparently not mutual.

She had an above-the-knee radiant dress that not only flattered her hips and bum but greatly brought in a level of optimism to Njagi’s case. She was light skinned, growing short locs on her hair, donning long elegant cardigan trendy jacket and in brown fancy leather boots that one couldn’t demystify from her already yellow legs. The icing on the cake however, was the stylish, woolen neck scarf that was calmly taking a nap on her peeping cleavage and a red beret hat crowning her ever ravishing demeanor.

Every now and then, a lad would walk in from a back door and test the public address system and ensure everything was alive and ready for the day.

There was a stir in the courtroom and necks wagging when Anastasia the plaintiff in this case walked in the courtroom, head up, in sunglasses hinged on her long refined braids, holding a brave face sandwiched by her dad on the right – a middle-aged man with a decent pot belly and of average height and two of her lawyers on the left, in dark intimidating suits that seemed to have just arrived from the dry cleaner. They smelled fresh and intelligent. Njagi and his bad boys being the respondents in this case, were nowhere to be seen. Sly had numerously tried calling him but his phone was dead off since the crack of dawn. She had called him at 4:30 am after a prayer session beside her bed praying for his all-time BFF. She cried in the midst of the sentimental prayer session. Njagi’s scandal was too overwhelming for her to absorb but she just hoped the day will turn out just well for his special friend.

Speaking of prayers, Kui had been fasting and praying day and night for the two months. She was camping in church, crying and pleading to have her son pardoned and vindicated. Her pastor, Apostle Muraguri was praying with her many a times.

Seemingly, due to the magnitude of this case, pending the hearing and determination, Njagi had kept a very low profile in school. Sly and his close friends had noted that he had actually dropped weight and always appeared paranoid.

Unknown to many Shiku, Mwau and Mapanya would testify on behalf of Njagi that he didn’t engage in any rape act or even come into contact with Anastasia the entire night. Njagi and his boys expect for Mongoose, were being represented in court by a top-notch female lawyer from the city hired by his classmates with vast experience in sexual offenses litigation.

Next on Platte-Land series: Verdict

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