thank youOn 30th December 2015 as routine, I received an email from WordPress (my blog’s domain) highlighting on my last year’s performance. They cracked statistics on my posts viewership, the popular sites used to access my blog and countries where the viewers were based at that time.  I was exceptionally excited for the reason that I outdid myself in 2015 vis a vis 2014 by 2.5 rate margin. That’s double and plus, increase in viewership. To me, that was sincerely rewarding, overwhelming and humbling. You that is reading this post today was part of that great work that resulted in those impressive numbers. I’m delighted to write an appreciation post for you that read my articles religiously, you that shared it across social media platforms and you that formed a conversation with your friends borne out of my posts.

Humanly, not all posts that I write are exciting as such. It’s human nature. As many of my friends would ask what drives my passion to try and write every single week; I have no clear answer. In any case it is very difficult to write every week, from my perspective. It’s even harder when your readers expect something more juicy and entertaining every subsequent week. Things are made worse by my 8 – 6 career. It’s demanding and sometimes maddening. Some weeks are crazy and involving. Meaning I get little time to think rationally and to trigger creativity. But all in all, I find myself trying to make short paragraphs that later evolve to an article.

Interestingly, some friends share some personal stuff with me and end up warning me not to write about them in my blog. I find that very interesting. Anyway, them being friends, I respect their opinion and adhere to that. On the other hand some don’t care a thing. Actually some Whatsapp me pleading I write on particular subjects. In such a situation I critically assess my writing style, targeted social spectrum and my degree of ownership on that given story. If I struggle with either; I drop it. But that does not mean I never appreciate my readers feedback. In fact, it’s what I live for. Getting to hear from you on particular posts, grows me as a writer in my formative stages of writing.

It’s on that note that I wish to clarify on some articles that perhaps you as a reader didn’t necessarily agree with. It’s okay not to agree with whatever I write. Some of my posts have been dubbed controversial or condescending to certain quarters. I have no feud with that. Contrary to your imagination, I get very happy when I get phone calls and messages of you readers registering your disapproval with some of my posts. The thing is; it’s never personal. As may be to some writers, I never use my blog to settle scores, perpetuate hatred and violence or vices that aggravate evil. This blog has never and will never be a platform to perpetuate gossip, to ridicule either gender, be part of any political affiliation or antagonise religious beliefs. I’m very consistent with what I believe in. No one post contradicts the other. I uphold my self-made principles and ethics. I try as much to live to the expectations of my conscious. If it doesn’t agree with my conscious, I won’t approve it.

Now, to all my readers scattered across the world, thank you very much. You might be small in number compared to other mainstream blogs. Don’t be dwarfed by that fact. Knowingly or unknowingly you joined to be part of my discovery. You have played a major role in helping me go through my self-realisation. As a matter of fact, writing has made me understand whom I am. It has curved out my identity and what my legacy stands for. Writing has quietly announced my passions and the creative part in me. It has also made me appreciate it’s possible for dreams to be actualised with hard work, consistency and remaining hungry to do more to mould them. More importantly, writing remains to be a therapy that heals my emotional wounds. Writing is tough. Maintaining readers is even tougher.

Sometimes I write drafts, reread them several times and read them loud like a 4 year old reading a story book, only for me to disqualify them or shelve them for God knows how long! One thing I have learnt over the years in my writing journey is that; write whenever and all the time, however little. It might not seem captivating now but not after some weeks or months. Some of my greatest articles were initially, drafts that gathered dust in the draft box. The truth is, to an extent, a writer is judged by the size of his/her draft box. A draft box epitomizes creativity and wealth of a writer. It’s a tool box or a training ground before a major combat. Epic articles are sculpted as they wander in the dull world of a draft box. A draft box is like Iten Highlands to Kenya Athletes.

Back to where I begun. WordPress shared with me a chronology of countries whose citizens sampled my blog at one time or another in 2015. Top on the list were my main men and women – Kenya. Thank you Kenya for showing some love to your son. Kenya had about 33% viewership followed closely by European Union with a combined percentage of 31. Norway, US, UK, S.A, Russia & Australia shared the spoils respectively, with 73 other countries registering some life to my blog too. Thank you readers from whichever part of the globe, miles away breathing life to my dream. God willing when I get kids, you will be part of the story I will share to them. How about that! I pay particular attention to the few dozen readers from Papua Guinea. I’m sure you’ve read TheManWhoMadeTheRestOfUsLookBad/  . I naively hope you took part in helping Alphose Kambu be a better human being.

Dear readers keep reading and sharing my articles. To you and you and you who inbox, Whatsapp or call to ask me when the next article is; keep harassing me. Sometimes I need that push. While at it, form conversations with me regarding my topics and feel free to share your suggestions.

Finally, have a very blessed year 2016 to you and all your loved ones. Promise to be a better human being and dare to read more. Merci (Thank you – French)





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  1. Thanks too for finding time and words to appreciate we your ardent readers.This is your blog, your space where we come for entertainment, enlightenment or just compare notes. Starting and keeping a blog afloat is not a walk in the park, mind block and that it does not pay your bills notwithstanding.
    Kudos and Keep writing writer, you’re well equipped.

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