Janet Ikua Luke 12:48 “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. “First things first. If you haven’t navigated your phone to the M-pesa section and selected pay bill and dialed 895790. Account Name: JanetKaniniIkua and donated whatever amount you are comfortable with, you better do so now. Otherwise I will assume you were among legions of whom flocked Carnivore Grounds last Sunday to show solidarity to the TV personality by purchasing I stand With Janet T-shirt for 1,000/-. I just hope so.

I have been following Janet’s story on her Facebook page about her excruciating battle with lung cancer. Amazingly, out of every post she has been jotting down of late, have left trace of a highly motivated person armed to the teeth with unmatched resilience. Janet even affords to make humour in her situation. She has defied all odds and hurdles brought by an illness that oozes stigma and threatens life. Surprisingly, we have come to appreciate how strong a woman she is. Indeed she has been a blessing in disguise to many a people who are struggling with a myriad of challenges in their lives let alone lung cancer. She has consistently sold the idea that one can come out of the woods all smiling and stronger. She has been educative, encouraging and inspiring all at a go. Janet whispers to us the importance of taking a day at a time and NEVER questioning God even when we feel bombarded by life’s hiccups. In actual sense she knows there is a reason God chooses us to go through some ordeals. They nurture our inner strength, help us improve our relationships with Him and make us better human beings.

In her own wisdom, she has taken upon herself to demystify many myths associated with cancer. She has gone out her way to do a detailed comparison about the state of health infrastructure in both Kenya and India. She has retold to the readers, the way of life in India from foods, hotel industry, transport system and so on. She has zoomed and brought to the fore the million dollar Medical Tourism sector in India which has won accolades all around the globe. She has even given incredible lessons to anyone who cares to listen including the Kenya Government on how the Health Sector in Kenya can be immensely improved to cater for the growing number of cancer patients in the country. She has painted a picture in our minds and psychologically prepared us just in case one of us is diagnosed with cancer. God forbid.

Armed with invaluable information which we didn’t even expect her to share, all we can do is to be grateful. Her cancer illness has proved she is a tough conqueror reinforced by a solid foundation of strong belief in God. To prove this, she refers to herself as a cancer victor and not a cancer patient. Personally she has preached to me through her posts. They have somewhat been a blessing to my life. As somebody said; motivation doesn’t last. It needs to be renewed as often as possible. Many of us find ourselves with scary pasts or intimidating life situations. According to Janet, everything falls to place once we are in an equilibrium state. Meaning; balancing our emotions, spiritual life and physical fitness. We are beings that require synergy in the running of our systems. With that, we can confront every odd. Appreciating that our happiness rests solely with us and that positive attitude comes from being our biggest fan and learning to forgive oneself, we can dare to confront the world. More importantly, Janet comes out as a woman of faith, a prayerful person who boasts of much wealth and wisdom of the Bible.

Seemingly, behind Janet’s ever available smile, warm face and the highly motivated persona is a man made of steel and coated with profoundness. A man with unequal measure of compassion, love and awesomeness. Ikua has boldly depicted that yes he loves by words and deeds. And Yes he can fight for the life of the woman of his life. He is the uncelebrated hero in Janet’s medical journey. He does his things quietly and diligently without bothering to bask in the limelight thereby offering the much needed support Janet would need. Ikua reminds me of an article I wrote early this year named Contemporary Men Deserve A Pat On The Back. He has single handedly saved our name. The man’s name. You’ll agree with me, the male gender has come under sharp scrutiny in the recent past, deeply cornered by a million vices.

Ikua has shown the world that indeed Kenya is not lost on the number of Incredible Husbands. He has continued to stand tall, risking all he has to save his woman. You can imagine faced with a situation of looking after your modern day kids when their mother is thousands of miles away not sure when she will come back. Her current home being in a hospital that has an atmosphere filled with shattered dreams, worried eyes and corridors used by feeble patients covered in oversize garments. A place with such nerve-racking operations that in fact scare hairs out of your head. Picture dealing with inquisitive kids asking now and then when their Mama will come back. Besides, trying to rise over a staggering medical bill amid harsh economic times only left to hang on hope and God. Now, going through that and emerging as joyous and hopeful is no mean achievement.

Unknowingly he has inspired many young men and underlined that nothing can’t be conquered despite the challenges, including when a scary disease comes in between two lovebirds. Janet and Ikua have saved the image of the marriage institution in this country. They are among the many not talked about successful marriages that have weathered all odds to remain a piece and intact.

In her words Janet quips; Cancer is not a death sentence. God can turn your mess into a message. Dear readers how I wish we copy paste such tremendous optimism to our lives. How far could we stride? How much could we achieve? You have nothing to lose by investing more on optimism.


Add yours

  1. Men were made to be courageous):-
    To take the fights on front line):-
    To take of society):-
    Beginning with their Families):-
    Reigniting the passion
    And they can win this war by seeking Justice,, love,,Mercy coz love can’t be without God):-
    I commend Mr.Ikua

    And for Janet):-……That’s an incredible Fight of Faith
    And a great lesson to all of us

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