6117-07562879Its on this rainy Thursday evening. Close to a fortnight ago. I have been left alone in the office. Its quiet. It feels blissful. The silence is fulfilling. Its been a long day. I have been hitting the keyboard all day. Drifting to emails staring at me stubbornly, demanding for responses. At times, staring at the computer screen for minutes, to figure out solutions for myriad of tasks. Papers would be scattered all over the table, waiting impatiently to be attended to. Oftenly my immediate colleague would interrupt my silence, and pass on some fodder. You know of the office politics and chit chat. She would prompt me to check on Biko Zulu’s website ( I would interject her; letting her know, I visited Biko’s site 5 hours ago but couldn’t manage to read it due to workloads. Speaking of Biko, I don’t know whether am the only one who happens to be taken on an alluring journey by his words, flow and depth of creativity. Anyway, enough of Biko for now. I will pen about him in the near future. Remind me if I forget. On this day, am also battling a cold that sneaked to my body while in Embu the previous weekend. Embu is damn cold. Or was it the season? I have never been to such a green, hilly and spotlessly clean town. And of people with heavy accents.

I drift to Facebook, to ‘like’ photos of acquaintances and people I have never met. I have to like their photos, even if some are not so appealing. Sorry, zero chills. But I have to ‘like’ anyway, lest I will be labelled mean or jealousy. This generation has crazy problems haha. The silence in this office, is rewarding me with that peace I needed. Peace makes me write. Peace triggers creativity in me. It heals a day’s wounds and frustrations. It straightens my conscience. It makes me go on a journey of reflection and self evaluation. I ignore my phone all this time, though it seems to vibrate every 2 seconds. Blame the Whatsapp groups. A heated conversation must be ensuing. I look away, I don’t seem interested. At least for now. Lest my peace will vanish.

I drift over the window, and peer at weary souls walking home. Of people who perhaps had a bad day with their bosses. Some of them would be entrepreneurs agonising over low sales. Some would be thinking about their loved ones in a distant town. I watch mothers, padding fast, along the streets holding their sons and daughters from school. They might be thinking on what to prepare for supper or of the well being of their 1 year old toddler left under the care of their 3 weeks house girl. At an advantage point, I hover at men heads presumably carrying along burdens of their families and dreams of a generation.

I remember my colleague muffling to me about this fashion blogger who had an engagement somewhere besides a lake I didn’t learn in school. I should sue my Geography teacher. Lake Michaelson, only found in the small plateus of Mt. Kenya. I’d only assume. This said chap pulled a first. Its never a cup of tea for everybody to hire a chopper for 100k an hour just to propose to a lady and recite sweet nothings expecting OMG moments from her. So this couple, armed with a photographer and the pilot who also happened to prepare something warm for the couple savoured a lifetime’s dream. They kicked, somebody’s bucket list. They were engulfed by a water body, dense forest and buzzling nature and its kids. Their breathed fresh air oscillating between the appealing flora and fauna. Clearly this lady, must have been visibly moved and excited to see dreams unfold. She must must have felt lucky and blessed to have this man.

This engagement left tongues wagging and many chaps grappling with sleepless nights. Their ladies now have a benchmark and a reference point. As a man you’ll be judged with how far you are, from affording to take your girlfriend to such a high end engagement spree. Poor men!…..I had an interesting argument earlier in the day, with this colleague over the pros and cons of pulling such a surprise to your girlfriend. I was of the opinion that men should not be judged with the depth of their pockets, in isolation. All other attributes should be brought on board and be judged as a package. I could see her pupils’ dilate, wishing she was this lucky lady. The association of Kenyan men should sue the said chap, for making us look bad. We’re now judged harshly and unfairly. Our adam’s-apple bulge with fury anytime we’re bombarded with this kind of expectations.

Congratulations to the beautiful Sharon Mundia. May the engagement bore more breath taking experiences.

Enough of my thoughts. Have a thoughtful day.


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