gfffaI’m in my usual rendezvous, watching a dull Chelsea game with my usual suspects. Eden Hazard dives and there you go, they have a penalty and a trophy. How so! Anyway, during the 90 minutes of play, I am distracted by this unusual couple. Well, the word ‘unusual’ may be relative, since I’m the only patron in this room, who seem to roll eyes in anguish. Blame the rest for the so called civilization.

Here’s the thing, right opposite me, sits an old mzungu with a very young girl. She looks 13. She could be in form 1. But as they say, looks may be deceiving. She may be 19, you know! With this petite people, (including me, haha) you’re never too sure of their age bracket. To cut a long story short, this lass looks damn young. She has this pierced nose, at least she’s brave to withstand that pain. Her hands are tiny and soft, not that I touched them. I can tell. She’s wearing student – like specs. She holds this sleek and slender phone, almost half her weight and bigger than her hands. Nothing less of a Note 4 or Galaxy S6. It could be the latest gift, from this generous mzungu, ( throws pop corns). She is chocolate in complexion, and seems like a church girl. Okay, forgive me for judging people. But, don’t you spot these ladies who look like church girls. There is a way they dress and plait their hair and wear certain shoes that can only be worn when going to church.

This girl has this mean smile that hides so much beneath. Probably covering up struggles in life and esteem issues. She has thin, beautiful teeth and cute eyes that I avoid so hard to meet. Her ears have this contour of dangling earrings. She once in a while makes deep sighs, whenever Fabregas makes a feeble kick or misses the ball. The mzungu on the hand, speaks fluent Swahili. Wonders of Nanyuki. He is short, with big eyes, chubby face and slightly bald. In fact I know him. He is an entrepreneur in this small town and flips ladies like under garments. That’s where my pain emanates from. I’m sure this guy is only interested in nailing her. This girl has her life wasted. Her ujanja (know -how) mentality will be her disservice.

I pity her parents, who maybe thinking she’s still in school studying Project Management or savoring her weekend with her girlfriends but hell not with an aged, pedophile mzungu. Its costly. Its very painful to swallow that reality. I fear for her mum whom in hindsight, boosts of a daughter who doesn’t talk much. She’s humble, obedient and beautiful. She drags along, this harmless, innocent and sweet demeanor. Well, that may be so, but underneath lies a bed of secrecy and different characters that are swapped depending on the environment and occasion. She unleashes them like a hit man getting more ammunition for his rifle.

I fear for my unborn daughter. What will she turn to? Will I be in the dark, soon after she steps to teenage life? Will I play catch up or rather switch to a stalker, and monitor all her social media movements for my entire life? Will I be a detective living a puzzled life, trying in vain to join the dots of her life. God forbid this. I hope it’ll be better. Ladies, if you must date a white, he’d rather be Brad Pitt look alike or Christiano Ronaldo wannabe in the worst scenario. Not a ‘thirsty’ octogenarian, whose only mission is to sip dry your innocence. Even if he finances your lifestyle for 10 solid years, you’ll battle a tattered conscious. Guilt will hover around you unashamedly even when you hit 45.

Its not funny to waste 10 years with an overused, tired, expired old man who only sinks further your values. And as they say, if you make your bed, you must lie in it.

To all the great MAMAs reading this; To all the MAMAs who paid the ultimate price to ensure we have a decent upbringing…HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY. WE LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!


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