SSGAngel, I met your dad for the first time few years ago, in 2009, to be precise. I would later meet your mum, the following year, long before you were born. You were born when our friendship had been cemented and stamped that it will last and surpass all challenges. You were born under our watch, 2 years ago, and on Friday 3rd April 2015, you died still under our watch. In fact the same day you passed away, we had a fruitful meeting, in which your dad had issued an apology that he couldn’t make it. It’s after we had dispersed, slightly after 9pm, on the rainy Friday night, that we received a text from your dad, news that literally shocked us. News that came without warning, news that we were not prepared to receive.

I console with your parents ( Mwaura & Jane Saiga). What a beautiful family it was. Angel you were the icing on the cake. You were the oomph of the family. You were the cradle of the family. Angel Saiga, you were envy to many. Death blew away a lighting joy, the cutest baby I ever laid my eyes on. To your family, you were an adorable and worthy investment, a source of pride and joy. To close friends of your parents, you were very symbolic. In our WhatsApp group, formed over two years ago, your photos have served as our profile pictures.

Angel, you came to birth, conquered and you’ve now left without a heads up. All your friends were left agonizing and scampering for your last memories. We were tearful and mad with death. Death that plucked a young, beautiful flower and its fragrance. Your family was by your side, till the last seconds, as you fought for your dear life. Unfortunately/fortunately, God chose to take you back. Your mission had already been accomplished. Your days, in this world, were over. Brief and sweet. We didn’t see it coming, and as you would expect, to us, the news were harsh, hard and too overwhelming. You remind us that life is way too short and that we should not waste it leaving somebody else life. That we should endeavour to be as original as we can.

Our hearts are bleeding with bitterness. Our eyes are awash with wrenching pain. Our minds are predisposed with paranoia. We are experiencing irreconcilable news. News we initially treated as bad jokes. Some of us went a notch higher; to convince our minds that we were just having a bad dream that would come to pass. Only to wake up and encounter an obstinate reality staring at us, annoyingly refusing to edit the news to something more palatable. In your last moments, your parents did all in their powers to save your life. Including, whispering prayers persistently, to your creator. They must have told him, Lord please do something.

Since then, many of us have prodded questions to God, asking him why Angel Saiga. Agony, grief and frustrations have been our second nature for the last three days. Your passing away, terribly hurt our soft sides and totally overwhelmed our shock absorbers. Just like a tattoo would do, indelible scars of a loss we didn’t contemplate, of you Angel Saiga will forever be engrossed in our hearts. Our mouth are lost for words, our eyes are too tearful, our minds too burdened to digest the sad news, our hearts too weak to put a brave face.

Angel, you were the sweetest munchkin, the most charming kid ever and too lovable. Gone too soon Saiga. Fare thee well Angel. Back to the angels in heaven. It was more than delightful having you.



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