gggado“Women were created to be loved not abused. Any man who abuses women is ignorant, insecure and weak. Real men protect women.” Beautiful words from the late Myles Munroe, may the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace. I must reckon with all women across the country (Kenya), this has been a low and tough week for you. Its disturbing, saddening, annoying and unfortunate in the year 2015, for men to still view women with ‘sex tool lenses.’

Somebody on my twitter timeline raised an interesting fact; he was like, “as men, we’re more privileged, in that we’re more ‘safe’, from sexual assault. Don’t let this privilege make you ignorant of women challenges.” Its a sad reality, when females walk while turning round just to confirm who is behind them. If our mothers, sisters, female friends and colleagues are insecure, then the society has shot itself on the foot.

What we are experiencing, are stubborn and time barred ideologies of a patriarchal society, where men are still viewed as small gods, thereby running around with all manner of impunity, just because they are men. Being born a male comes with responsibilities, and the responsibilities don’t include sexual belligerence. Chivalry is so dead, at least by what is being projected by men from all corners of the country, poor and rich, educated or not in the man kingdom.

Tolerance of rapists and males who defile young girls is the worst tragedy of our times. How families are bribed to ‘calm down,’ when one of their own goes through the anguish, is even more painful. Women in this country have come along way. Time have come, for men to respect women as equal stakeholders in the institution of life. The chicken have come home to roost, whether we strip or rape them, we cant reverse this river’s trajectory. The gains made on upholding women values can’t be washed or wished away by few egoistic male chauvinists. Men must learn to respect and protect women around them. This cant be emphasized further.

This week alone, I have counted over 5 cases of defilement and rape, reported in the news. I shudder to imagine many more cases that go unreported. Of women battling stigma, shock and dirt of mindless delinquents. This comes hot in the heels after touts suddenly imagined they could be our moral police and compass. Just when we had started to heal, more bold reports from quarters you would be forgiven to contemplate, that would perpetrate atrocities against women, found their way to the newsrooms.

When an MP hops a plane for a house committee trip abroad and all he does is to salivate over a female colleague, even going to an extent of blocking her way in a hotel room, is a a very sad affair. And while you digest that, another MP is accused of allegedly raping a communication consultant in his office after forcefully ordering for a HIV test on her; am lost for words.

While at it, you hear of a 5 year old girl who was defiled and beheaded somewhere in Nyeri County. And before then, a man is charged in Embu for helping a neighbour defile a girl. Embu County is very notorious with rape cases. The same week you come across news of boys in Marakwet County accused of gang raping girls. Many more cases go reported , the same week. You lose count but not before you learn of a 42 year old man in Nakuru County, who was sentenced for 75 years this month, for raping and infecting his daughter with HIV.

For how long will the female gender suffer in the hands of unashamed men, with an untamed titillating desire? Why do we look away when disdainful men piddle over our values? Men who behave far worse than a male mule?  I salute and celebrate women who’ve surmounted the ordeal of rape, who can’t be crushed no matter what. Have a safe week, dear reader. To you rapists, columnist Ciku Muiruiri would ask you, who is your mother?


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