ffMy good friend; you different,

You loyal, you real, you smart,

You do you! I got you,

I appreciate you.


You lend me your ear anytime I need it,

I share my dreams and fears with you,

You tell me about your family,

Your childhood. You disclose to me your struggles,

You’re a motivator, you’re brave,

You’re awesome.


You return so many favours,

We laugh and cry together,

We surmount mean rumours,

Their envy oils our friendship

We overlook snitches, sadists,

And scorning eyes.

When they invade our beautiful world.


We take a bullet on behalf of each other,

We stare each other on the face all long,

We ‘treat’ each other,

We surprise each other,

We speak one language, ask Drake!


Our friendship has defied distance and time.

Spanning years and surviving life hiccups.

We laugh our hearts out when we meet,

In our usual rendezvous,

Where we gulp down, sweet wine,

As we recall the fond memories.


We’re epic, we’re unapologetic,

We break rules and conventions, we’re bold,

We don’t need approvals!







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