nn3The pact between Kenya and UK which allows British troops to train in Kenya is at stake. In fact the agreement expires next month (April) if not renewed. U.K believes Kenya has good terrain to harden its soldiers in readiness for tougher tasks like engaging in Afghanistan and Iran wars. That was the objective, ideally. But the ground has rather, not so good news. Especially in a town I happen to live in, Nanyuki, 196 kilometers from Nairobi.

It’s a fact that BATUK fondly nicknamed maJonny by the locals, have left a trail of delinquency across two counties that form part of their training ground.  I’m talking of Laikipia and Samburu Counties which have witnessed over 2000 women raped and others sexually manipulated. In this tiny but buzzling town, with an unusual impressive economy statistics, white kids from these army guys are dotted in every corner of the town. Nanyuki also boosts of hundreds of white settlers families whom have consequently turned around upside down, the way of life in this part of Kenya. Young ladies full of life and vigour, comb the streets at night, all week hoping to hit a ‘jackpot.’ Here is a town of deep pocketed whites, who leave the local chaps grappling with the ‘left overs’.

Cohabiting with a white man is a matter of life and death to the native ladies here. Even if it means sleeping with 10 of them to earn good tidings of money, is a popular idea to many of them desperate for quick gains especially from the whites. You may never find them at the local brothels but it doesn’t mean they sin differently, they stalk the so called majonny from social media to befriending the staff that work in their stations. With my simple investigative escapades, I realized 1 out 5 ladies between 19 and 33 years has been in a relationship with a white guy or is married to one, all in pursuit of the elusive cash. These guys take advantage of our naive girls by splashing them with money and taking them to opulent hotels around. One lady alluded to me that these guys will tease you in the streets in the morning, manage to get your phone number after a date promise, sleep with you all night and dump you the following morning.  They’ll stick around, if your personality is interesting, you’re too beautiful and maybe because of your good English. Otherwise for them, it’s all about ‘experimenting.’

You know of these lasses with glowing, free flowing, flawless skin, improvised long hair; ladies call it extension. They have this fake accent and dress in things the length of a handkerchief, just achieving to cover their waist lines. Mind you, they will still insist on sitting down in that thing and sip cappuccino or toss to Johnnie Walker wine. With their bootylicious parts all out and alluring legs, they are good to go. They’ll walk in stilettos taller than them, holding fancy phones and pricey clutches. You’ll always notice their exquisite watches and exaggerated eye brows if they ain’t in their typical prodigious sun glasses. They like it when the winds blow their expensive long hair which their boyfriends’ smoke away in amusement. Men are fascinated by the most trivial things!

You will bump these slim ladies in corridors of bourgeois joints, clinging on their guys’ masculine arms. I have no idea why these white chaps prefer willowy ladies, I would assume there are more ‘fitter’, whatever that is supposed to mean. Complexion for them is not so relevant; actually most will do with dark skins. So ladies, if you’re considering bleaching, let it not be to catch eyes of a white dude, ever heard of unlike poles attract…..! Thank you. Funny enough, these guys rarely sit down in an entertainment joint. They prefer walking around, sipping tusker beer which they are so loyal to, or roaming while smoking in the neatly massaged compounds of secluded hotels that only attract the filthy rich. They clad in faded t-shirts and boring, short pants with over – hairy legs. Most of them are either chain smokers or so ill mannered.

You’ve watched Book of Negros movie. You sympathise with that black community being undermined due to their skin colour and forced to do grueling labour with no pay. That slavery mindset is creeping back in a very subtle way. Africans are being manipulated. Their belief of Africans has not shifted. I work in an environment where I interact with many of them and I know how they pay their staff vis -a – vis one of their own with hardly good qualification. Young ladies are even more exposed and more susceptible.  Females want quick cash but to get it, they’re compelled to do nasty stuff. Modern slavery is real!  I know there are hospitable and nice white guys though. Some of them are my clients in my day job. Pat on the back for them.

Local chaps are a distraught lot. Forced to up their game in this world of dating. How they wish these whites guys would be flown back in earnest.  Digging deeper in your pocket to impress a lady is never a cup of tea for many. Too bad.

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