Val.jpgI took a risk to love you.

I loved you even when we were strangers.

My heart dazzled when our eyes met.

You tolerated my silly discourse.

You were patient with me even if I didn’t deserve the patience.

You listened keenly and propped smart questions.

One simple text led to another.

One simple reply motivated more.

One coffee date laid the foundation for many more.

One smile developed to laughter and a joyous feeling.

One phone call led to many hours of phone conversations.

We created a new world of love.

Engulfed by an ambience of mutual fulfilment.

We chose to trust each other every day of our lives.

We chose to protect our love from all preventable harm.

We chose to leave a trail of envy in every coffee shop we visit,

In every mall we visit, in every road trip we embark on,

And in every social gathering we attend.

We chose to put God first in everything we do.

We chose to pray together.

We chose to ignore our nemesis.

And instead, chose to be a vessel of love.

We chose to love, LOVE.


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