beckhamMy dad lived for 50 years (only) and was lucky enough not to witness this digital migration madness. Just after legions had invested in set boxes and dishes, one boardroom meeting rendered them obsolete. It’s been a crazy week best captured by a tweet I stumbled on, by one stock markets guru @SokoAnalyst. It was like “…History repeats itself, welcome back to 1970s when petrol was less than Ksh.100 per litre, when KBC was the only TV station, when Kenyatta was the President and a Kalenjin deputy President, when assassinations were the only way of dealing with political rivals…..”

How was your week though? Forget our shattered TV screens. Last week, a friend who we normally attend the same church with, literally dragged me to the morning masses. I keep telling you to invest in good friends. They nurture, inspire and challenge you in a good way. Anyway speaking of church, this is where I got the inspiration to write down this article. If there are people who are currently challenging me, must be married guys from my church. They are family men, at least going by the impression they portray. Not once have they left my mouth agape, literally carried away and surprised. It’s one thing for a husband to accompany her wife to church and it’s a totally different thing, for that man to walk confidently with his kid carefully placed on his arms, with her wife two steps behind. Holding that baby so passionately for almost the entire summon, is no mean achievement to man. I didn’t grow up encountering such men in my childhood. I can’t relate with that picturesque. I don’t recall my culture emphasizing of the same.

This article is dedicated to this species of men who devote every available time for their families. They are hardworking, best friends with their kids and wives and reliable. They endeavor to redeem man’s brand, which is now chocked and hijacked by alcohol, pedophilias and other promiscuities. These are contemporary men appreciating wives as equal partners in the institution of marriage. They are providers, visionary and available. Neither football nor friends can come between their marriages. They understand the impact of a father figure in any given family. They defy the wave of cheating to their partners. They are men who will not shy from doing house chores. If cleaning utensils and preparing breakfast for the family means more oomph for their marriage, they are willing to go the full length to pay that price. These husbands know too well, that marriage is a long trajectory marred by hiccups, which ostensibly calls for energy, self-drive, dedication from oneself and above all, a belief in God. They never take chances. They appreciate it takes two to tango!

I know of guys who have been widowed and instead of choosing the easier option of marrying again, decided to play the two roles simultaneously. They go about life quietly, unperturbed by their neighbors’ mischief. I have witnessed a guy take care of kids after the wife fled citing ‘irreconcilable’ differences. This chap would wake up early, prepare breakfast, have them ready for school, drive them to and fro school, and help them do their homework so diligently. What of husbands who finance their wives’ siblings’ education without making any fuss about it? Unfortunately such phenomenal stories, are surmounted and dwarfed by negativity emanating from few elements neglecting their responsibilities hence giving man a bad name.

It is this context that I’m disturbed by frequent and misplaced criticism, that man has finally been compromised and triumphed by the female gender. For far too long, xy chromosome across the world has been bombarded with condemnation and ridiculed left, right and center. From T.V adverts and programs, music videos and to newspaper columns, man has been undermined and his ego prevailed by reckless, opportunistic and insecure sadists. This is not to mean, I’m looking down upon the other gender. I’m not a misogynist; I’m simply stating it’s wrong for the world to overrate one gender at the expense of the other. The two genders were meant to work in tandem in the spirit of complementarity.

My standing ovation goes to all men who put their marriages and families first before anything else. It’s never in vain. May the good Lord reward them handsomely! They deserve a pat on the back. Enough of empty bickering, whoever is throwing a blanket condemnation against husbands should give us a break.


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  1. That’s it Dru. You’ve nailed it. Responsible men should not be looked down upon & recklessness In the name of masochism shouldn’t be praised.

    We should be aware of ourselves & rise above the mediocrity standards set on us by certain segments of our society.

    Great job Dru

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