Beautiful African womenIt’s been a while since I penned down an article exclusively dear to men.  Before I forget, happy Valentine to you who is already ‘taken’ ,… seriously or otherwise. Blessed is that brother who will foot a bill this coming Saturday, he didn’t budget for. Sorry, love and finances go hand in hand.  Anyway this post is not meant for Valentine but for a topic that dominates many male conversations.  Allow me to appreciate a certain clique of incredible women (young women).  Am talking of a rare gem, one that invokes our male ethos, bringing out the best in us.

Fellow men, am sure you’ve encountered a beautiful young lady who has all the attributes of a gorgeous damsel, intelligent, warm, with a body to die for, one that gives wannabe socialites a run for their money.  A sensational personality, subtle in a way though.  It might be your colleague in the office or a girl -next –door, in your estate. Maybe you bumped into each other in the movie shop, before your acquaintance blossomed to a charming friendship or probably in a waiting couch just when you had attended an interview. You evolved to best of friends over time. Your personalities are more than compatible only that the two of you made a subconscious decision not to jump into a relationship, sometimes back. In your own wisdom, fathom ‘love’ will choke out your friendship and dry all the juicy chemistry.

This is a lady who acts like a lady but thinks like a man. She is incredible, an asset to your life. She’s an influencer; in fact she ‘endorsed’ your current girlfriend. She goes an extra mile to advice you on what to buy your significant other, this Valentine. At one time she’ll get into you veins over a small misunderstanding but that will quickly fade away the next day as she understands the art of loosening and cheering you up. Your friendship is punctuated by laughter over the silliest of things. You guys compare notes over everything; from the lad who’s hitting on her to that lass you met when strolling from church last week. By the way she’s a party animal. She will disclose to you how her night transpired last time she partied hard on a weekday.  You will laugh over coffee dates as you reminisce facetious things in your world.

She’s that lady Chris Brown sings of. She’s too occupied to be loyal. She has this untamed persona. She’s a flatter. She’s too risky to expose your heart to. She’ll crush it to tiny pieces after months of torment. She’d rather be a ’good friend’ whatever that means. She tried to ‘friendzone’ you sometimes back, but you were too smart for that. She came back playing by your rules. That’s what experience does to men. It’s like wine that has overstayed in the rack, the longer you store it, the finer it becomes. Experience shapes and sculpts us, at least most of the time. Actually why you pulled away from a serious emotional investment is because she doesn’t seem like she can be the best mother to your kids…that’s sound harsh, sorry! She despises cooking. She’s a bit lazy in the house and your uncle warned you of those ‘women.’

Sometimes you invite her over to your digs and take booze all night as you watch Empire series. All that sandwiched by laughter and a fulfilling connection warm and hearty. When she feels generous, she’ll give you a heads up for a well-deserved lunch, where she’ll pay the bill with no qualms. She understands your moods. She knows when to tease, when to keep off and when to say something. What disarms you is that she is always ready to help when you’re in a fix. She’s that lady who can lend you 20k in mid-January and not disclose it to your mutual friends.

She knows you by scent; in fact she can smell you from a distance. She understands her territory perfectly; nobody is’ above her’ in your life apart from maybe your girlfriend.  You accepted that situation helplessly. Her only flaw is that she belongs to team YOLO. Every weekend means more partying and merry making. She is not a cheap girl by the way; she does not do cheap alcohol. She is a wine girl (spoilt by her rich male friends) whom you now seem to threaten their space. Jameson and The Famous Grouse are her tastes. She does not visit ‘funny’ joints, to her ambiance is everything! It’s all about protecting her ‘image’. Your boys envy you. They secretly admire the chemistry and fun both of you seem to savour. She’s that lady you can use to intimidate other females. She understands the art of listening to a man. Remember, that means tremendous respect. It works magic for our esteem.

She’s that lady your siblings will be excited of. Your mum will whisper a prayer to the gods when she spots you holding her hand incidentally. She can never understand why you can’t just marry her. I wish you could manage to convince her, how this lady is only attracted to the silly part in you, period! The moment you make a move, she’ll drift away in seconds. She enjoys your company. She somehow knows your weakness. She is just a beautiful friend meant to soften the harsh torrents in your life. They say nature has humour. I totally reckon.


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