artLife is beautiful and painful,
Its exciting and annoying,
Its kind and mean,
Its compassionate and unfair
All I ask; whats with life,

The scorching sun, sending its heated rays far and wide,
The dry winds blowing from the highlands to the plains,
Women agonising of the looming famine as they walk for
kilometers, in search of an oasis,
Disillusioned men bogged by life, juggle for long,
In quest of casual work, all in futility,
Toddlers crying for a mama’s breast to quench a thirst,

In another world, somebody is running up and down,
Chasing elusive dreams,
Trying to beat deadlines,
Cruising with self centered personalities,
Massaging egos of his seniors,
Is this all about life

Being haunted by stagnation,
Every aspect of life is seemingly routine,
Or so it seems, of people not honouring promises,
Fake smiles, fake concerns, flattering friends,
Mediocre mindsets, sycophants everywhere, narcissist fellows,
Who thrive in lies

The world is run by gossip,
Withholding information and getting away with it,
Building careers and crumbling them as well,
Stalking is what we do all day in social media,
Overrated personalities and insecure lovers is who we are,
who cheat, blackmail and trade threats sensationally.
Is there more to life!

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