Val.jpgI took a risk to love you.

I loved you even when we were strangers.

My heart dazzled when our eyes met.

You tolerated my silly discourse.

You were patient with me even if I didn’t deserve the patience.

You listened keenly and propped smart questions.

One simple text led to another.

One simple reply motivated more.

One coffee date laid the foundation for many more.

One smile developed to laughter and a joyous feeling.

One phone call led to many hours of phone conversations.

We created a new world of love.

Engulfed by an ambience of mutual fulfilment.

We chose to trust each other every day of our lives.

We chose to protect our love from all preventable harm.

We chose to leave a trail of envy in every coffee shop we visit,

In every mall we visit, in every road trip we embark on,

And in every social gathering we attend.

We chose to put God first in everything we do.

We chose to pray together.

We chose to ignore our nemesis.

And instead, chose to be a vessel of love.

We chose to love, LOVE.


beckhamMy dad lived for 50 years (only) and was lucky enough not to witness this digital migration madness. Just after legions had invested in set boxes and dishes, one boardroom meeting rendered them obsolete. It’s been a crazy week best captured by a tweet I stumbled on, by one stock markets guru @SokoAnalyst. It was like “…History repeats itself, welcome back to 1970s when petrol was less than Ksh.100 per litre, when KBC was the only TV station, when Kenyatta was the President and a Kalenjin deputy President, when assassinations were the only way of dealing with political rivals…..”

How was your week though? Forget our shattered TV screens. Last week, a friend who we normally attend the same church with, literally dragged me to the morning masses. I keep telling you to invest in good friends. They nurture, inspire and challenge you in a good way. Anyway speaking of church, this is where I got the inspiration to write down this article. If there are people who are currently challenging me, must be married guys from my church. They are family men, at least going by the impression they portray. Not once have they left my mouth agape, literally carried away and surprised. It’s one thing for a husband to accompany her wife to church and it’s a totally different thing, for that man to walk confidently with his kid carefully placed on his arms, with her wife two steps behind. Holding that baby so passionately for almost the entire summon, is no mean achievement to man. I didn’t grow up encountering such men in my childhood. I can’t relate with that picturesque. I don’t recall my culture emphasizing of the same.

This article is dedicated to this species of men who devote every available time for their families. They are hardworking, best friends with their kids and wives and reliable. They endeavor to redeem man’s brand, which is now chocked and hijacked by alcohol, pedophilias and other promiscuities. These are contemporary men appreciating wives as equal partners in the institution of marriage. They are providers, visionary and available. Neither football nor friends can come between their marriages. They understand the impact of a father figure in any given family. They defy the wave of cheating to their partners. They are men who will not shy from doing house chores. If cleaning utensils and preparing breakfast for the family means more oomph for their marriage, they are willing to go the full length to pay that price. These husbands know too well, that marriage is a long trajectory marred by hiccups, which ostensibly calls for energy, self-drive, dedication from oneself and above all, a belief in God. They never take chances. They appreciate it takes two to tango!

I know of guys who have been widowed and instead of choosing the easier option of marrying again, decided to play the two roles simultaneously. They go about life quietly, unperturbed by their neighbors’ mischief. I have witnessed a guy take care of kids after the wife fled citing ‘irreconcilable’ differences. This chap would wake up early, prepare breakfast, have them ready for school, drive them to and fro school, and help them do their homework so diligently. What of husbands who finance their wives’ siblings’ education without making any fuss about it? Unfortunately such phenomenal stories, are surmounted and dwarfed by negativity emanating from few elements neglecting their responsibilities hence giving man a bad name.

It is this context that I’m disturbed by frequent and misplaced criticism, that man has finally been compromised and triumphed by the female gender. For far too long, xy chromosome across the world has been bombarded with condemnation and ridiculed left, right and center. From T.V adverts and programs, music videos and to newspaper columns, man has been undermined and his ego prevailed by reckless, opportunistic and insecure sadists. This is not to mean, I’m looking down upon the other gender. I’m not a misogynist; I’m simply stating it’s wrong for the world to overrate one gender at the expense of the other. The two genders were meant to work in tandem in the spirit of complementarity.

My standing ovation goes to all men who put their marriages and families first before anything else. It’s never in vain. May the good Lord reward them handsomely! They deserve a pat on the back. Enough of empty bickering, whoever is throwing a blanket condemnation against husbands should give us a break.


valentineIt’s the weekend of genuine love, artificial love, commercialized love, compelled love, struggling love, crawling love and secretive love. Let’s all dance to love, it’s in the air. Its love’s birthday! Don’t deny it, its deserved bliss, lest it’ll come back to haunt you. Through love, we came to birth, we nurtured friends to best friends, and spotted our soul mates. Let’s toss glasses for LOVE, even if at times it makes us twice shy if not compromising our intuits.

This reminds me of John Hagees preaching last Sunday, that got me thinking. That our lives have been shaped by people who love us and moreover by people who have refused to love us! Sounds like a stubborn true. The latter have taught us lessons, the former have affirmed our characters. We’re heroes and victims of a double-edged sword. A sword of love, that cuts what we hold dear to, and pills what will call baggage, in equal measure.

You can never hide from love, in fact, the more you try, the guiltier you resemble. So can we for a minute, think of people who have allowed us to be in their space. That’s love. Appreciate them this weekend. Buy them a gift, spend time with them, let them know how important they are to you. Break the rules this weekend, dismiss the jinx, and resolve to spend more energy in loving than hating, going forward.

As you ponder these words, I can’t help but get distracted by this couple in my neighbourhood, swaddled by love. Their glowing faces, speak volumes. They are foolishly in love. The innocent love. The happy love. The love of our teenage lives, when we stumbled on our first girl/boyfriends. They walk lazily, jaded closely by their long shadows, piercing through the trees.

They cuddle. They lock lips. They stare at each other’s eyes steadily, carried away by heat of the moment. The only music they could be listening to, is that of their synchronized heartbeats, popping their chests in and out. Their hearts are overwhelmed, by this magic feeling which at times triumphs over their rationality. They gaze at the beautiful horizon as darkness faintly crawls in, replacing daylight. They count the stars as the hearth beneath the ashes, of consistent attraction, carries their minds away. Away to the utopia, where perfection calls home. Where good things and great dreams are born.

Brazing the cold evening, they cover themselves with a masai leso as they reminisce their journey of love. There are victims of love, sealed by fate, some few years back. From strangers to lovers and vice versa, love bogs and massages them depending on its mood.

I watch all these, hovering over my rear window. The prism that helps me unwind, after a long day, trying to make ends meet. See you on the other side of Valentine. Have a lovely weekend.


Beautiful African womenIt’s been a while since I penned down an article exclusively dear to men.  Before I forget, happy Valentine to you who is already ‘taken’ ,… seriously or otherwise. Blessed is that brother who will foot a bill this coming Saturday, he didn’t budget for. Sorry, love and finances go hand in hand.  Anyway this post is not meant for Valentine but for a topic that dominates many male conversations.  Allow me to appreciate a certain clique of incredible women (young women).  Am talking of a rare gem, one that invokes our male ethos, bringing out the best in us.

Fellow men, am sure you’ve encountered a beautiful young lady who has all the attributes of a gorgeous damsel, intelligent, warm, with a body to die for, one that gives wannabe socialites a run for their money.  A sensational personality, subtle in a way though.  It might be your colleague in the office or a girl -next –door, in your estate. Maybe you bumped into each other in the movie shop, before your acquaintance blossomed to a charming friendship or probably in a waiting couch just when you had attended an interview. You evolved to best of friends over time. Your personalities are more than compatible only that the two of you made a subconscious decision not to jump into a relationship, sometimes back. In your own wisdom, fathom ‘love’ will choke out your friendship and dry all the juicy chemistry.

This is a lady who acts like a lady but thinks like a man. She is incredible, an asset to your life. She’s an influencer; in fact she ‘endorsed’ your current girlfriend. She goes an extra mile to advice you on what to buy your significant other, this Valentine. At one time she’ll get into you veins over a small misunderstanding but that will quickly fade away the next day as she understands the art of loosening and cheering you up. Your friendship is punctuated by laughter over the silliest of things. You guys compare notes over everything; from the lad who’s hitting on her to that lass you met when strolling from church last week. By the way she’s a party animal. She will disclose to you how her night transpired last time she partied hard on a weekday.  You will laugh over coffee dates as you reminisce facetious things in your world.

She’s that lady Chris Brown sings of. She’s too occupied to be loyal. She has this untamed persona. She’s a flatter. She’s too risky to expose your heart to. She’ll crush it to tiny pieces after months of torment. She’d rather be a ’good friend’ whatever that means. She tried to ‘friendzone’ you sometimes back, but you were too smart for that. She came back playing by your rules. That’s what experience does to men. It’s like wine that has overstayed in the rack, the longer you store it, the finer it becomes. Experience shapes and sculpts us, at least most of the time. Actually why you pulled away from a serious emotional investment is because she doesn’t seem like she can be the best mother to your kids…that’s sound harsh, sorry! She despises cooking. She’s a bit lazy in the house and your uncle warned you of those ‘women.’

Sometimes you invite her over to your digs and take booze all night as you watch Empire series. All that sandwiched by laughter and a fulfilling connection warm and hearty. When she feels generous, she’ll give you a heads up for a well-deserved lunch, where she’ll pay the bill with no qualms. She understands your moods. She knows when to tease, when to keep off and when to say something. What disarms you is that she is always ready to help when you’re in a fix. She’s that lady who can lend you 20k in mid-January and not disclose it to your mutual friends.

She knows you by scent; in fact she can smell you from a distance. She understands her territory perfectly; nobody is’ above her’ in your life apart from maybe your girlfriend.  You accepted that situation helplessly. Her only flaw is that she belongs to team YOLO. Every weekend means more partying and merry making. She is not a cheap girl by the way; she does not do cheap alcohol. She is a wine girl (spoilt by her rich male friends) whom you now seem to threaten their space. Jameson and The Famous Grouse are her tastes. She does not visit ‘funny’ joints, to her ambiance is everything! It’s all about protecting her ‘image’. Your boys envy you. They secretly admire the chemistry and fun both of you seem to savour. She’s that lady you can use to intimidate other females. She understands the art of listening to a man. Remember, that means tremendous respect. It works magic for our esteem.

She’s that lady your siblings will be excited of. Your mum will whisper a prayer to the gods when she spots you holding her hand incidentally. She can never understand why you can’t just marry her. I wish you could manage to convince her, how this lady is only attracted to the silly part in you, period! The moment you make a move, she’ll drift away in seconds. She enjoys your company. She somehow knows your weakness. She is just a beautiful friend meant to soften the harsh torrents in your life. They say nature has humour. I totally reckon.



artLife is beautiful and painful,
Its exciting and annoying,
Its kind and mean,
Its compassionate and unfair
All I ask; whats with life,

The scorching sun, sending its heated rays far and wide,
The dry winds blowing from the highlands to the plains,
Women agonising of the looming famine as they walk for
kilometers, in search of an oasis,
Disillusioned men bogged by life, juggle for long,
In quest of casual work, all in futility,
Toddlers crying for a mama’s breast to quench a thirst,

In another world, somebody is running up and down,
Chasing elusive dreams,
Trying to beat deadlines,
Cruising with self centered personalities,
Massaging egos of his seniors,
Is this all about life

Being haunted by stagnation,
Every aspect of life is seemingly routine,
Or so it seems, of people not honouring promises,
Fake smiles, fake concerns, flattering friends,
Mediocre mindsets, sycophants everywhere, narcissist fellows,
Who thrive in lies

The world is run by gossip,
Withholding information and getting away with it,
Building careers and crumbling them as well,
Stalking is what we do all day in social media,
Overrated personalities and insecure lovers is who we are,
who cheat, blackmail and trade threats sensationally.
Is there more to life!

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