anguishIts shocking, its terrifying. Our new norm is driven to a large extent by sad news,
Mothers burying their alive babies,
Fathers killing their entire families,
Siblings hacking each other to death,
Is the story of our times.

Villains butchering fellow country men/women in the name of religion.
Churches thriving in hypocrisy and open deceit,
Mosques covering up terrorism networks perpetrated in house of Allah,
Preachers succumbing to adultery, Congregations being condemned for being ‘poor’
Is the story of our times.

Stripping women in the name of ‘indecency’ dressing,
Ladies falling short of walking nude, to appease the mass,
Youths dwarfed by hard drugs, having been reduced to zombies,
Fathers being stripped their responsibilities due to addiction to cheap liquor,
Is the story of our times.

Pedophile uncles salivating over their nieces,
Erosion of young boys’ innocence by venereal house girls,
Rape and chopping to death of our beloved mothers,
sisters, aunts and close friends,
Is the story of our times.

Pupils being punished for attending private schools,
Scoring 407 marks and missing a slot in high school,
Students falling victim of self centered teachers unions’
Is the story of our times.

Our coolness is defined by Instagram pics of us smoking shisha,
Our society is full of conformers and timid personalities,
Who ridicule people who stand out, of the crowd,
Is the story of our times.

We’re frozen by impunity, in the man eat man society,
We’ve taken cue of Sodom and Gomorrah,
Ignorance of warning signs, in the book of Revelation,
Is the story of our times.

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