kiqThe days are flying pretty fast.
Expectations are growing and glowing from every corner.
My mind and heart are holding me at ransom.
All pushing in different directions, selfishly.
My intuition is compromised by mistakes in the over 20 years span.
While at it, hope for a better day.

Self realisation and a prayer a day will save me.
Not validations and affirmations from all and sundry.
In fact I’m more motivated when I prove people wrong than when am
bombarded with expectations.
Rise up my mind, surmount mediocrity and simpleton mentality.
While at it, hope for a better day.

My heart don’t trust easily. I know that’s a tall order for you,
seek advice from your brother(brain) when overwhelmed. Bleed if you can,
cry to create room for happiness. And when it comes, forget the flaws,
live in the moment. Appreciate every experience, that’s appreciating life.
While at it, hope for a better day.

My mind, I’m a consequence of your decisions.
Sometimes profound ones, sometimes silly ones.
Take your time my mind, patience is a virtue.
Embrace it, all day.
Nevertheless, don’t lose opportunities, take the heads up, from
your cousins(eyes) downstairs seriously. Surge and grab them(opportunities)
not the Langata way, though.
While at it, hope for a better day.

My legs, keep walking as Octopizzo advises. My eyes don’t be intimidated by the sun.
Wear the dark glasses and dare it. Keep me focused and all knowing.
I depend on you to see the world. My conscious, be at ease. Keep me clean, spiritually.
While at it, hope for a better day.


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