sssAt times i wonder why we have to flaunt of our cars, spouses, big houses. I get pissed off.

Am not an exception too, at times it slips off. I piss many. Other times am not the best friend. I sneeze some arrogance.

My veins will at times flow with bloody temper. I can be annoying, I know how to irritate, at times.

Having said that, I know I try to be nice, courteous, rational and all those virtues put together, but at times

i find myself losing the sensitivity of life.

My patience is taken advantage of, not always but occasionally. At times i find myself at crossroads,

trying to please two camps who don’t  take a shit of what i do. They laugh all the way to the bank,

as I wipe my sweat after days of labour. I lose life, I lose opportunities, I lose family all in the name of working hard.

At times my heart will be troubled, at times i’ll go by the flow, not giving a damn. Its the hard reality

of playing catch up with life. God your are my best friend, however cliche it is purported to sound. How I wish I would

listen, like you always lend me your ear. You are gentle and understanding. At times i take it for granted, sad

as it appears. Please forgive me.

I dare to dream everyday, at times the dreams dwindle, almost vanishing, chocked by snears and scorning eyes.

Prayers  from my mother and your love, rescue me from jaws of delinquency and evil spirits, always roaming like vultures,

out looking for a carcass. I wake up motivated, unapologetic for my success and your favour, only at times.

At times I think too hard, take myself too seriously, fight insomnia in the dark hours and battle unwarranted worries. At times I crave for better days.

At times am misunderstood. But this is all in a day’s work. Fighting personal struggles and wars with the outer world.

I promise myself not to lose momentum, otherwise  I’ll not break the glass ceilings.

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