Let me Imagestart with a disclaimer that am not trying to say we are any better than the former Vice President Hon. Kalonzo Mosyoka son of Saikuru village. The reality is, we are a deeply divided nation, down in the middle. The only grip that is holding us together is the fact that we are a bit civilized and economically advanced and not to mention we learnt a myriad of lessons from the infamous 2007-08 Post election violence. This is unlike our sister nation South Sudan which for over 3 months have witnessed a silent massacre of its people barely a year after the same citizens celebrated the birth of a nation that they fought for decades.

Now, the sentiments of Kalonzo are very unfortunate coming from a public figure who purports to be a national leader. Two wrongs do not make a right, its self-defeating .Him being a seasoned politician should know better than any of us that these reckless statements are akin to what  has made South Sudan degenerate to civil war killing thousands of innocent civilians.

The last time I checked, CORD fraternity created the impression that it is a coalition built under strong pillars of reform, democracy and a champion of human rights. What human rights are being championed when its top brigade discriminate a fellow Kenyan due to his last name and even afford to find it funny to laugh about it. 

Am not suggesting Jubilee government have performed very well, neither am I trying to justify profiling Somalis is legitimate nor Hon Duale’s infamous comments two weeks ago. My point is, no politician should be allowed to run away with such draconian and retrogressive statements at this day and age. That is why am ridiculed by anyone supporting Kalonzo on this matter. The lame excuses led by one  Robert Alai were that Kalonzo said what we all hold onto our minds.

In the last two elections Kalonzo campaigned to be the president of this great nation. Simply because your fellow politicians or citizens are or make such statements does not justify you to take cue. What is in a ‘leader’ if he is led and conforms to the subjects mediocrityA leader should inspire not to scorn people.

I have a problem with anybody abusing the principle of an apology, Kalonzo did not apologise he simply did what can only be construed to be a ‘PR’ gimmick. I wonder what’s in an apology if you go ahead to say you did not mean what you said. It should be simple and clear; “I regret for the unfortunate remarks I made earlier ….” or something close to that, not escapism.

Former Presidential candidate, Martha Karua tweeted “something wrong cannot and must not be justified because others are doing it”.




ImageIs the world ready to accept the gay community or does it still hold the surreal demeanor towards them? They say its a first world problem but I dispute, its only that Africa is conservative and still treats sexualism with lots of misgivings and secrecy. Otherwise the continent has its share of people attracted to same gender, awkward as it may sound. We have many Binyavangas out there who feel they don’t connect as ideally expected to people of the opposite sex. The only difference is that the stigma within them is overwhelming.In every high school there are personalities who are discerned to be gay, whether true or not is something we cannot verify. Thousands of innocent kids are molested daily by their house helps which by far influences their perception on their sexualism.That alone depicts the lengths gayism has been entrenched in our day to day lives from such an early stage.

The developed countries have gradually embraced these people. In fact the Western powers in the recent past have wittingly blackmailed the rest of the countries to support the gay community in order to get aid or grants. Many scholars would call that neocolonialism. The latest casualty happens to be Uganda, with the guts to enact an Anti Homesexual Act.The legislative proposal has broaden the criminalisation of same – sex relations in Uganda domestically, and further includes provisions for Ugandans who engage in same-sex relations outside of Uganda, asserting that they may be extradited for punishment back to Uganda, and includes penalties for individuals, companies, media organisations, or non government organisations that know of gay people or support their rights. Notwithstanding the fact that the law is abit retrogressive at this day and age, the protest from the West and European countries was suspicious. Withholding and even cutting aid was rather ridiculous, I wish it was for a more valid reason say corruption or bad governance. I wonder if that native African woman in the deep end of Uganda or Lesotho cares about homosexuality.

In his many speeches President Obama emphasizes that the gay community have a constitutional right and in fact should savour the same privileges and rights as the hetrosexuals. He has all along been on record saying he has a duty to shift public opinions to same sex sex marriages which political pundits have termed as personal and political evolution of the president.There are about 120,000 legally married same-sex couples in the United States and many thousands more seek the same thing .

Only this week, The Presbyterian Church of East Africa defrocked David Githii as one of the church pastors after he claimed the church was riddled with devil worshipping and homosexuality. That is a perfect intimation of how the modern day church is ailing and equally struggling and clueless on how to manoeuvre around this problem. I once attended a mass service where the priest emphasized on christians to focus on their afflictions and seek forgiveness instead of being busy judging gays since we are not any better. Am not sure if we have many ‘men of the cloth’ who would ordinarily uphold such views.The catch 22 however falls between whether the church is right or wrong in presiding over same sex marriages? Will African churches take a cue from their counterparts in the First World by being more liberal or will they charter their own course and rebuke these marriages .I happened to watch the very vocal Binyavanga wainaina a publicly confessed gay, on a television show where he unashamedly scorned the church, belittled religious leaders and even challenged the very existence of God.Am only left to wonder, how does the church deal with such people? What does bible say about homosexualism? Personally I do not understand how people get attracted to people of a similar gender but well, its the world today. Image


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