ImageAm writing this open letter to convey my fears, concerns and discernible opinions which might help you as make your decision to attend or not to, the ICC sermons. I understand the trauma and anguish of going on with your normal life with a screaming sticker on your forehead, that of an ICC inductee.  Am cognisant of the fact that former ICC prosecutor one Moreno Ocampo did a  shoddy job. In fact he caved in to our petty politics. In simple terms, as a opposed to being professional enough to go out and gather tangible evidence and sift it thoroughly enough, he chose to be complacent and play politics. He opted for the easier route, copy paste ‘evidence’ which judge Waki had. I understand how painful it is,  when the result of the so called ‘investigations’  have you as one of the suspects. 

 The situation is more complicated by the fact that you are our president. You are the Chief Commander of our Armed Forces and more importantly, you hold an office which epitomises our sovereignty. I sympathise  with you Mr. President after enduring a lot within a very short span of your presidency. From the Supreme court battle, industrial strikes, governor-senator feuds, a deeply divided nation, WestGate siege, slow economy, skyrocketing number of jobless youths and the rest. I understand the double standards and imperialism of the international court of late, it only nets the ‘black fish’. I similarly refuse to be convinced that its a coincidence that only African states are charged. We are aware of the atrocities caused by George Bush and Tony Blair governments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Syria crisis is still unfolding at the full glare of International community. Why hasn’t Bensouda ‘offered’ to investigate.

Having said that, my two cents thinking is as follows;Image take advantage of your world class legal team to turn around flaws of the OTP to your strengths. And as they say, if your are going through hell, keeping going. Am suspicious of the African Union position. Agitating for a deferral wont help Kenya. Where was A.U when we needed it most. Why didnt it offer dialogue or advice then rather than now. I hold the opinion that A.U is extinct, vague and selfish. Its members are our leaders, we should come first before any other discussion. Its a rotten club, existing to protect impunity of the 21st century.  We have gone through more delicate situations like the 1982 coup and 2007- 2008 unrest. Am not suggesting that ICC should fail to acknowledge that we have a shaky security situation that demands strong leadership from the government to surmount it. Am neither trivialising your responsibilities as the president, my suggestion is that lets follow the law, deal with this elephant in the house now than later. I have never been a student of procrastination. 

Am suspicious of President Museveni harsh tirade in relation to ICC, there is more than meets the eye. For starters, most of the witnesses have passed and even lived in Uganda for quite sometime. His tears might not be genuine after all. We all know of his feud with Raila Odinga with each other outdoing the other in the name of being a darling of the West, sometimes back. He is doing more harm than good. He might as well be ill advising us for his own good. He has been on the forefront to pressure you not to owner the summons but what he is not telling us, is that the consequences are detrimental. My intuitions tells me, you will be vindicated in the end. There are a couple of options starting with ignoring A.U position in earnest. Just yesterday, ICC ruled you can skip most of the sessions and only attend opening and closing statements and presentation of victim views. Am also aware of an appeal to convince the court to terminate the case because of the shoddy investigations. If you ignore the ICC, consequences will be more than dire. Kenya will risk diplomatic isolation, tattered image across the globe and be on the verge of a failed state. 

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