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Welcome to a generation that shows resentment for patience, it is no longer a virtue, call them the microwave people. Young girls being the most affected want to get ‘rich’ as quickly as possible. They have no time for confused and broke campus dudes. They date the big shots in blue chip companies, politicians and wealthy foreigners. They rarely ride in matatus nor reside in students’ hostels, on the contrary, they roll in newest car models in the market, live in palatial apartments in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi  and own several ‘investments’. They never date men below 40 years as apparently they do not have brains, maturity nor money to match their social and financial demands. That perhaps answers the question why upmarket estates have become breeding grounds for modern day high class brothels. nax vegas.3A majority of these ladies have no marriage plans, they would rather have the men they are dating father their babies and cater for upkeep while they maintain their ‘independence’ as single ladies.

Enter campus ladies in that whole complexion, a good number of them will do anything to trade sex for grades from their lecturers, party every weekend in high end joints around the city, attend exclusive house parties and do shopping in the likes of Mr.Price and Woolworths. Only recently a female campus student was suspended for 1000 academic days for trying to sexually lure her lecturer. A reliable research done recently established, ladies who come from upcountry having come to Nairobi for studies are the most vulnerable. They get introduced to the ‘good’ life and get a sudden change of lifestyle. To finance their more than large life, do anything to maintain the so called image, get to all lewd behaviours  from prostitution to robbery with violence. A kidnapping case that happened in USIU last year revealed extremes students go through just to live large while in school. The culprits who have since been charged with murder were fellow students who were demanding for sh.100,000 ransom. On the other hand young men are soliciting sugar mummies to satisfy their financial needs in exchange of sex, its a mutual benefit scenario. The flip side is, they do all this to impress their would-be girlfriends.

Relationships in campus end as fast they start, sex is normally casual and they do it the unprotected way. A study carried out by Family Healthy International two years ago in Maseno University established that students do not consistently use condoms. Only 15.8% of the 500 sexually active students sampled used condom every time they had sex. 22% reported to have never used condoms and around 77% said they had used it one time or another. We know of ‘alert letters’ whereby a HIV infected student will go on vengeance mission to sleep with as many students as possible only to release a list on the schools’ notice board . The universities hold future intellectuals of this country, my worry is that we are eroding enormous human resource.

The usual guilt of doing something wrong is fast fading. A perfect example is what goes down in outdoor sport activities. Am sure you have had of, What goes on in Nax Vegas remains in Nax Vegasnax vegas.2. Take a look at the young rich women with bold titles at their workplaces who nowadays are passing out barely 11pm with total strangers. What happens to the sharply dressed, eloquent, seemingly focused miss independent during weekends is a total mystery.When did smoking weed or ‘shisha’ or dancing half naked or worse still waking up to a total stranger’s house become cool? Statistics have it that about 50% of school going pupils take drugs and 45% are sexually active. Call it Generation Microwave.


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  1. Great piece mate, Its a shame how we copy-paste the american culture. How nowdays entertainment is watching & listening to our women being abused as sex symbols still baffles me. Our culture has evolved into a monster, I fear so much for my kids & grandkids.
    I just hope some of us will take a stand & live by it & lead by examples

    1. Very very sad……………I’d rather live the simple life I can afford than go through all those experiences just to maintain a high life. A high and fast life that will lead you to grave at your tender age. God forbid.

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