Am sure we are all outraged and aggravated by MPs who ostensibly purport to have been oblivious of salary cuts by Salaries and Remuneration Commission led by Serem.To me this is height of aloofness and insult to Kenyans. For starters, the Serem team is a constitutionally formed commission which can only be disbanded through a national referendum. Legislators Mithika Linturi, Jimmy Angwenyi and company are toying with the idea of initiating a motion in parliament to kill the commission riding under the notion that a good number of Kenyans are complacent and will just sit and watch. I overheard some saying they left lucrative jobs to join politics and therefore the salary they are meant to get should befit their ‘status’. So who cares where they were working previously, tell me whats arrogance if that’s not?  That goes without mentioning they are the highest paid legislators in the 54 member commonwealth. They want to enjoy hefty perks as their predecessors when they have in fact increased in number,a whole new senate with no commensurate increase in revenue. Our economy is struggling with reduced grants from the West, high unemployment rates, poverty and many other challenges.

Its unacceptable when 70% of our budget goes to recurrent expenditures living only a meager 30% to development. Our current wage bill is slightly over 12% above internationally accepted standards of  7% .Article 104 of the constitution empowers the electorate to recall any MP before the end of the term if he/she fails to meet their expectations. Am so happy with Consumer Federation Of Kenya and other rights groups who are encouraging Kenyans to invoke that article.

And speaking of misbehaving legislators, in the US, President Obama on Thursday displayed one of his angriest moments in public after members of the Congress failed to pass a key gun control measure that would have expanded a background check on people buying guns. A grim faced Obama scolded the lawmakers for caving to pressure from a powerful gun lobby group even after after the country went through the deadly shooting at Sandry Hook Elementary School.

So when did the rain start beating us? Do these characters depict what the society has transformed to? Greed, selfishness and lack of empathy? I was so impressed with Kenyans on Twitter with their hashtag SomeoneTellLinturi venting their seething anger on social media. Its a step forward, Kenyans should remain vigilant and jealously guard their constitution.


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