KIBAKI-AND-RUTO-e1363180006867One thing you quickly notice with these two gentlemen is that they do not have christian names, one is a contrast of the other from age, character to background but somehow intertwined by nature’s humour and history.Kibaki who apparently bestows a laid back character has unquestionable intelligence that ultimately made him dust off his pauper background but also thanks to his father who thought he was not useful in the farm.On the other hand, Jomo’s scion is from an affluent family enjoying unprecedented privileges unlike his peers.One thing with Uhuru is that he his charming and exudes charisma anytime anywhere not to mention his mighty handshake. The witty Mutahi Ngunyi best captures these two blokes contrast, he simply says Kibaki did not have many hurdles to clinch power in 2002 but the son of Jomo faced an avalanche of them, consequently Kibaki’s reign was marred with a myriad of challenges , the latter as foretold by Ngunyi will have an easy time. Am tempted to believe this political scientist going by the many post election pacts Uhuru is signing daily which analysts think is crushing the opposition.

Narrowing down to Kibaki who was the first African to graduate with a First Class Honors from the prestigious London School of Economics. We should give credit to his administration for the tremendous economic growth, a stock market which has reached its highest stock market index in four years, implementation of free primary education, subsidising secondary education, 15 new universities created under his administration, more funding of higher education students loans body.Upgrading of infrastructure, tapping on I.C.T and making Kenya a technology hub in Africa, he ensured Kenyans were supporting their own budget as opposed to soliciting money from Western powers.

Amidst all these praises, there are some things he overlooked. Some 2007-08 Internally Displaced Persons are still languishing in tattered camps five years down the line, ironically a good number of them voted for him as their president. Am not sure if he forgot about them, lets give him the benefit of the doubt and blame the highly charged Kenya politics.Either way its an issue that will erase some of his good attributes.Security has remained a thorny issue in this country complicated by ungovernable Somali, global terrorism, inter-clan wars and corruption within security agencies.Not much has been done to tame M.R.C and Baragoi skirmishes.Kibaki has done little to reduce the gap between rich and poor which consequently impedes any economic growth, corruption is worse than during Moi’s era and industrial strikes from disgruntled civil servants. Kibaki has also been compelled to eat a humble pie courtesy of court rulings in a number of occasions.

For me, he remains the best president we have ever had, Chief Justice shocked many when he disclosed Kibaki never used the hotline that was directly connected to statehouse, in other words he did not interfere with the judiciary even after it sometimes ruled harshly on him.

There enters a fairy young man, full of energy and charisma. All the best Muigai Kenyatta.


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