Woo unto you if you live in Nairobi, the good days when you could cross from one street to another without being bothered by who is following you are gone. Despite occasional grenade blasts ceasing, this has been replaced by organised crimes  which have some political connections. What perturbs me more is how our security agencies have been infiltrated and compromised, to the extent of even colluding with the criminals.The days when police patrols were a regular thing are long gone. Hawkers are back in the city and so do the street families,rogue burglars and carjackers. City council which is still engulfed with the county governance confusion has slept on its work, consequently the untrimmed trees and non functioning street lights are now used as hideouts for robbers.

I grew up made to believe that in Nairobi a ‘chokora’ would blackmail you with human waste in exchange for some money well its now a reality. Am told Odeon Cinema zone is the most notorious. Former city council clerk John Gakuo did extremely well in taming this culture and nurturing an orderly city free from littered garbage but unfortunately this has been dwindling over the years.

Last week a C.I.D officer was nabbed terrorising residents in one of the city suburbs, two police detectives were killed in Kitale, a young prominent businessman barely 40years was shot in the head and his car lost control in South B and pronounced dead as he was been taken to Mater Hospital. Numerous cases of motorists assaulted and robbed valuables have been on the increase this year.It is not any better for you who do not drive, I was reading in the papers yesterday about a city lawyer who had just withdrawn sh.4000 from an ATM when he decided to buy some airtime, just as he was getting his wallet from the pocket, it was snatched away and thief melted in the thick human traffic.

Recently there was a story circulating in the social media about a lady who accompanied with her son had  gone to buy a phone cover at the stalls opposite Afya Center building in Nairobi, as she was making her specifications she was interrupted by a guy rubbing her hand selling second hand phones. She did not realise that the said guy poured some powder on her hand. Moments later she felt drowsy and tired, her son started complaining of feeling to vomit, luckily they were assisted by a friend. This is how dangerous criminals have become, a small portion of powder is enough to make you unconscious.When you breathe it, you respond without thinking to the demands of the person controlling you. The powder is meant to make your mind dull and slow, its a form of drug given to schizophrenia persons to make them less active.

In a America petty crimes is on a large scale particularly because the government toys around with gun ownership laws.In every 10 residents in an area, at least 8 own guns.Jonylah Last week we were all dumfounded by the story of a gunman who shot dead a 6 month kid by the name Jonylah Watkins, pictured above. Her dad had parked on the roadside to change the little angel’s diapers when a gunman crept from nowhere shot the kid and run away. It was so traumatising that a a number of musicians recorded songs as a tribute to the little Jonylah.

Still in America and to be specific Georgia, 2 teenagers broke into a house, met a mother playing with her 13 month kid  Antonio Santiago joyfully. The 14 and 16 year old teens after robbing the house shot dead the kid not withstanding pleas from the helpless mother! This goes without mentioning the mass shootings of 20 kids and 6 adults by a gunman at an elementary school in Connecticut.

Am very concerned and worried of the future. Just like our mums and dads pray for us and do everything to protect us, lets take a cue from them, yearn to pray for a peaceful global village.

Allow me to send my deepest condolences to the family, countrymen and readers of Chinua Achebe’s literature. He was undoubtedly the father of Africa story telling who amazingly mocked its leadership with a smile written on his face. We celebrate you Achebe, rest in eternal peace.Amen

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  1. It’s hard to fathom what people are getting to do this days. The human nature is slowly being being replaced by a spirit of greed and a don’t care attitude. Things can change if only we remembered that change from us.

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