tujuane4Welcome to social media equivalent to a typical market where people trade their wares on a willing buyer willing seller basis.Ironically you can hardly spot any council askari (Kibunja and company). What this means is that naturally freedom will be abused, the paradox to me is how ‘tweeps’ ‘love’ hating as compared to appreciating. Social media pundits and ‘veterans’ enjoy settling scores, trading insults, spreading gossip if not bringing down peoples’ careers.Apparently this is the nerve center for high level hate speech at least in Kenya, its the boiling point. If you need to tap creative brains, just log in facebook and the photo shopped pictures will do the talking .

Hundreds of public figure personalities have been ‘killed’ in social media, among many is one music genius Justin Bieber, he is arguably the most popular in teenage social circles but equally struggles to deal with haters worldwide.Nelson Mandera the anti- apartheid hero and a world icon who commands awe and respect globally has unfortunately been a victim of social media hating, not once nor twice have socialites ‘killed’ him.North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un and Syria’s president Bashar Al Assad have also been a victims.The list is long.

Closer home the likes of popular political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi have had ‘RIP’ pages created in facebook. Mutahi rubbed a section of socialites the wrong way when he revealed the infamous ‘Tyranny of Numbers’ depicting a clear win for the Jubilee coalition.And speaking of coalitions, the rivalry between CORD and Jubilee has literally gone ‘digital’. Social media has been awash with numerous hate mongering pages attacking each others camp
What even made me to write this article is the level of hating to one arrogant Mirfat Musa of Tujuane who scorned an innocent poor lad known as George with the now famous cliche, “do I look like eating fries”. The lady’s confidence was oozing uncontrollably without avoiding eye contact unlike George.Now that is what I call intimidation, its so humiliating especially when it is from a lady.These are some of the responses from social media,”That Chick can go and date her teddy bears…!! Puhhhh…This chiq better pray we don’t meet anywhere around south c coz m going to give her the middle finger…Just coz you work 4 julie gichuru doesnt make you her…nktt…kujidai juu umetoka south c..I should be hooked up with that girl #Tujuane,I feel like it is necessary, Mau Mau did not die for this…Susan went a little bit overboard her Ego was inflamed by the guy’s weakness but she needs to know Creditcard is 21st Century!…Enyewe this guy is an arsenal fun… Hiyo uvumilivu ni mostest.”
Am now told the lady has of late been contemplating committing suicide. Well, I do not want to judge her, she had her reasons for acting that way, probably to get ‘famous’.
Am worried of the future, If you are not ‘hard enough’, please keep off social media otherwise your self esteem will be brought to its knees.



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    1. The story has been in the public domain for sometime, in fact news anchor Janet Mbugua talked about it in her facebook page……….. I write something once get reliable information about it.

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