Goldies-New-Video-ShootAs we were busy saying the sweet good nothings to our very special loved ones, two events sharply in contrast of one another happened in Africa. Apparently both were tragic and in our own thinking untimely. In Nigeria a music icon who got popular in the reality show Big Brother died mysteriously.An avalanche of claims have been making round in the social media as to what could have caused her death from a blood clot that apparently blocked her breathing system to a simple headache and obviously the usually overrated Illuminati. For starters, Goldie was not my favourite contestant but I was compelled to like her for showing her ‘love’ to our brother. Naturally Kenyans viewed Goldie as one of their own especially after developing a close relationship with Prezzo. She died when stakes were high about a rumoured wedding due this year with the latter. Goldie blew hot and cold, an introvert and extrovert put together, sometimes warm other times very pale and dull.She was simply a typical roller coaster. Regardless of her flaws , she was an incredible musician at least from what am made to believe. All I know is that she was a huge star in Nigeria. Her death was a wake up call to many to realise that life is too short. For me I appreciated that we should never sit on our potentials or talents, neither should we settle on mediocrity. We will be remembered in the legacy we live behind.The other incident happened all the way in South Africa where one Olympic icon Oscar Pistorius shot her wife dead Reeva Steenkamp a law degree model. He alleged to have confused her wife to a burglar, quite strange and hence shot her repeatedly. However he won the first round of what will be a long legal process when the detective who carried out the initial investigations gave inconsistent accounts of what transpired.My prayers go to the families who lost their loved ones in the month of love.


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