Once again Kenya was on the global map in fact it was the third most trending topic on twitter on Monday night 25th February for all the good reasons. We hosted the first ever presidential debate in Africa, talk of setting records, I have never been more excited being a Kenyan. Prior to the second debate, one of the presidential candidates Uhuru Kenyatta had written to the organisers withdrawing his participation citing a number of reasons, which to me were not that ‘weighty’.Political analysts, critics and loyal followers were all on him,claiming he stood to lose. Am told it could also have been a strategy to dupe his opponents making them to relax as he was working behind the scenes.

I must commend the moderators Uduak Amimo and Joe Ageyo for a job well done, they were much more professional than Julie who I think should just stick to anchoring news, Linus was quite good.

Am concerned with the fact that some issues were overlooked in these debates like the national debt, inflation and weakening of the shilling, tapping of natural resources , value addition in agricultural products, more funding on irrigation schemes, untaxed informal businesses which are the majority, cutting on bottle-necks for investors setting up businesses, energy harnessing and many others.  

Dida was quite impressive in the sense that he raised issues affecting the common man otherwise called Wanjiku, Uhuru was arguably the best in communication skills, courage, confidence, articulating issues and composure even when hard pressed with tough questions. Peter Kenneth disturbingly did not drop the ‘holier than thou attitude’, though he performed much better than Musalia Mudavadi. Speaking of Musalia, he seemed uncomfortable, he is simply not a debate person. Martha Karua was aggressive as usual, an attribute which does not help her sell. I have a problem with Raila for poor communication skills and body language. How does he even call an opponent ‘hyena’ in a presidential debate,thats lack of etiquette .Muite argued like a lawyer forgetting he is a presidential candidate.

A friend updated on twitter that he hopes in the next five years the debate will be about issues and policies as opposed to who is more corrupt. The future is bright for this great nation, our break through will be fulfilled if we manage to rise above election related violence and by electing leaders of integrity who have Kenya at heart.

I finalise with paying tribute to the late Samuel Kivuitu.May his soul rest in eternal peace. Lets all turn out on 4th, vote peacefully and accept the outcome of the results.Peace!


Goldies-New-Video-ShootAs we were busy saying the sweet good nothings to our very special loved ones, two events sharply in contrast of one another happened in Africa. Apparently both were tragic and in our own thinking untimely. In Nigeria a music icon who got popular in the reality show Big Brother died mysteriously.An avalanche of claims have been making round in the social media as to what could have caused her death from a blood clot that apparently blocked her breathing system to a simple headache and obviously the usually overrated Illuminati. For starters, Goldie was not my favourite contestant but I was compelled to like her for showing her ‘love’ to our brother. Naturally Kenyans viewed Goldie as one of their own especially after developing a close relationship with Prezzo. She died when stakes were high about a rumoured wedding due this year with the latter. Goldie blew hot and cold, an introvert and extrovert put together, sometimes warm other times very pale and dull.She was simply a typical roller coaster. Regardless of her flaws , she was an incredible musician at least from what am made to believe. All I know is that she was a huge star in Nigeria. Her death was a wake up call to many to realise that life is too short. For me I appreciated that we should never sit on our potentials or talents, neither should we settle on mediocrity. We will be remembered in the legacy we live behind.The other incident happened all the way in South Africa where one Olympic icon Oscar Pistorius shot her wife dead Reeva Steenkamp a law degree model. He alleged to have confused her wife to a burglar, quite strange and hence shot her repeatedly. However he won the first round of what will be a long legal process when the detective who carried out the initial investigations gave inconsistent accounts of what transpired.My prayers go to the families who lost their loved ones in the month of love.


Much has happened since Syokimau FM was closed down for operating illegally by the government. It was alleged to have acquired very many frequencies hence interfering with the pilots networks and exposing the general security of Cattle Dip. Well analysts see it differently, its a media house that exposed numerous scandals of our filthy politicians which did not go down well with them.

Its back and so do the usual suspects starting with Profesa Mwau who has turned flamboyant as he advances in age. He has embraced technology in a very uncharacteristic way, we all know he is not techno- savvy. His pictures and his latest acquisitions have been doing rounds in the social media. As expected not everybody is happy starting with his harshest critic Mwalimu who accuse him of using government funds to impress women. Speaking of sir Mwalimu he has been in exile for plotting an unsuccessful coup to take over the coalition government of Mwau and Orimba. He was forced to quit active politics and consequently has lost his grip in Kwa Nguku. Sensing danger and realising he may not win the coming elections, Mwalimu has been forced to take Mwau head on accusing  him of being the worst philanderer and land grabber yet he was once a squatter. He was quoted saying if Mwau can not account the number of children he has how can he be entrusted with Kwa Nguku leadership.In fact by the time of going to press, the media got knowledge of massive demonstrations planned countywide to criticize Mwau’s leadership.

Away from the intrigues of political feuds, Syokimau FM managed to trace Piper who switched base to the US after landing a lucrative job. This is what he had  to say when asked if he is coming home any time soon,” nah nah  I have made new doggies here (friends) and bought a new dig (mansion) and good rides (cars), watch me 2017 am coming there fully loaded”.

The once flashy Orimba is facing  a hard time in his backyard after a quiet revolt similar to the arab spring uprising slowly swept his clout. Political analyst Professa Githeshe says he will be hard to sell given the fierce competition from his rivals to retain Kisumu governor sit.

DJ Saimo featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for wearing a suit complete with a tie for the first time. Millions of fans turned up in the streets of of Nairobi to witness this historical event. Syokimau FM takes this opportunity to congratulate him.

Philosopher Mapanya has been elusive and hard to trace especially after being ordained as Majengo sabbath day Adventist priest.

Lastly and on behalf of all the staff and fans of Cattle Dip wish to congratulate madam First lady for being blessed with a beautiful Angel.

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