Generally society pegs some expectations in us right from birth, from learning  how to cry through winnowing stage, crawling and later on enrolling to kindergarten. It goes further, whereby the society expects us to pass all our national exams and be admitted in “good high schools”, finally get a slot in campus otherwise you will be perceived a failure. More frustrating is the fact that, society expects you to get a well paying job immediately even with hardly any experience and no sooner that happens than your parents start insisting on marriage. Its a tough journey that leaves many falling on the way side due to desperation, financial distress or just being unlucky. Overtime many people have developed unorthodox ways to create an impression that they have ‘conquered’ the curve of life though deep inside they are haunted by guilt. A good example is one Lance Armstrong who shockingly admitted of having used performance enhancing stimulants. We are speaking of a world icon as far as the sporting fraternity is concerned. He was quoted in the Oprah Winfrey talk show saying he did not invent the culture of doping neither could he stop it. His mediocre reasoning was simply not to change the status quo.Funny enough, he did not feel guilty of cheating himself and the world. In fact he said using performance enhancing stimulants created a level playing field since in a race of typically 200 cyclists, only four did not use the stimulants. He simply built a legend made of deceit and the ghosts came back to haunt him.

Dominique Strauss Kahn was the former chief of IMF who was forced to eat the humble pie after it was alleged that he sexually assaulted a New York hotel maid. His career as an economist, politician,a lawyer and a financial mogul was brought to its knees by a single woman. He was once the man to beat in the recently concluded French elections as opinion polls rated him as the favourite.

The likes of Tiger Woods and other prominent global public figures have had their careers shuttered or left struggling from scratch. England’s royal family have filed numerous of litigations to sue media houses and whistle blowers who leak any negative information relating to them. The late Princess Diana died controversially after separating with former husband Prince Charles.One version of the story purports that Diana and her friend from a prominent family in France were trying to evade photographers. Millions of marriages across the world have been broken as a result of cheating. Cheaters believe in one principle, that they will never be caught in the act.

In my simple research, I conclude that all this falls to the “impeccable” curve of life. Somehow the victims help in drawing the picture for fear of rejection,negative publicity and hurting their egos. They would rather hide their heads in the sand and assume no one will ever realise their hypocrisy.Its very unfortunate when you live a life of denial, be real, accept your mistakes and appreciate were are imperfect beings.

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