One difference between developed and developing countries is accessibility to information. In the former, virtually everybody knows his or her rights…and speaking of rights, voting is one of them but this starts with you registering as a voter. I have been quite surprised by the big number of youths on social media claiming status quo will persist irrespective of whether we vote or not. For once am ashamed of my generation particulary the young and learned. How low can we score? How myopic can we be? How shallow can our reasoning be? In fact I keep asking myself if thats the mentality of the intellect, what of Waìshìgo somewhere in Nyandarua county who didnt attend school or Ewaton who has been a camel herder since his childhood or worse still, that young woman who went through F.G.M and early marriage when she was barely 13 in Pokot. The long and short of my story is that young people should be at the forefront in encouraging everyone to vote. With the vote, we can fight status quo, impunity,tribalism, corruption , bad governance…Lets be counted as citizens who chose to be on the right side of history. Concerns are being raised about the government using the I.E.B.C’s data base to track criminals, if indeed you are law abiding citizen, why should you worry. In any case no one can substantiate this fodder. We have an obligation to rise up to the occassion and shape our destiny, the future is in our hands. We cant afford to sit back and let some people to choose leaders for us in the boardrooms.


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