If there is one thing that I always draw lessons and inspirations from, then it has to be life. It has made me realise that failure makes one strong, that mistakes are the best lessons, that it is important to value enemies. I have learnt to keep doors open for opportunities, to be open minded, not to wait for the ‘right moment’. I didnt know how important it is to take risks, the good thing with risks is that you lose nothing, infact you save yourself from self critism. I dont know the last time you criticised yourself, I mean we are so good at judging others when we are so worse off. I have learnt never to be apologetic for being me, because there can never be another me. In the spirit of what I call positive self-critism, I draw so many lessons. That am not a perfectionist, that I also have a degree of mediocrity in me. I struggle like everybody else in ensuring that I fix my safety belt when I board a matatu, to always wash my hands, to throw trash in the right place, to speak more solutions than problems, to be more tolerant and patient. What separates me from the many is that, am aware of my flaws and I keep working on them…Can you imagine am yet to register as a voter! Am still figuring out which is the ‘right’ place to register, where I work or home. Speaking of voting, I know of quite a number of people who have given up in participating in elections. Their flimsy excuse is that the same crop of ‘leaders’ wil always win. They dont realise the common mwananch has so much power bestowed in him or her. You not only exercise your democratic right but more importantly have a say for the unborn generations.We have a responsibility of ensuring that all our friends and people around us are registered us voters. In conclusion, I urge all of us to endeavour in liberating ourselves from the mediocrity within. With that, we will certainly make a positive difference in this world that badly needs it.


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