Barely few weeks after all and sundry condemned the massacre that was witnessed in Tanariver, a politician has the guts to purport to order the Maa community from his constituent. How do you make insesitive, derogatory and demeaning statements of that nature at this day and age. Whether he meant Kenyans or not is unacceptable. This is the same person who expects vote from the people. It got me thinking, how low do we voters set the bar when it comes to choosing leaders. Seemingly, the politicians have mastered our ‘genetical’ flaws. We shun making the hard decisions and rather choose to vote for ‘mùndù wa nyùmba’ (our own). We love complaining about bad leadership yet the so called leaders were not imposed on us. Our people my foot!.. Our consistent undoing , is not learning from history. We discard men and women who have Kenya at heart, who have leadership skills and integrity and vote in semi illiterate, uncivilised and rogue politicians. As the saying goes , we deserve the leaders we have. Now back to Waititu, this guy is a consistent law breaker whom we know better by being hopped to police landcruisers , mobilising people for the wrong reasons the ‘Embakasi style’, thats Waititu for you.Why should we be surprised. If the court does not deal with this kind of impunity now, I will neither not be surprised to have Waititu as the Nairobi governor. In a nutshell, we must not tolerate lords of impunity to play around with our lives. An avalanche of condemnation is not enough, we must vote for true leaders otherwise we will have dire consequences.



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  1. tha guy z simply sick n am ashamed when callin him one of our own. Imagne tha many kikuyus livin in maasai land. Aint that an indirect order 4 blood to be shed! Waititu am ashamed to associate maself with u.

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