We attend more burials than weddings, we’re a people that have overrated alcohol, we here of more gang rapes tales, homicides, murder cases than we here of innovations, peace forums, solutions to our basic problems… We clear forests ,uproot the coffee ,block sewerage systems as we put up buildings. We pollute the environment and later on shed crocodile tears when Wangari Maathai dies. Children from poor families stay at home for weeks, since seemingly to the government a pauper is a liability . On the other end patients endure pain as the doctors’ strike persists. On the flip side the poor continue buring their people. The funny bit is that the government still has the audacity to increase its officials fat salaries. We watch in the news stigmatised kids, mothers in desperation and helpless fathers in Tanariver fleeing with their few belongings, we read of families who have lived in shoddy camps with poor sanitation from election to election…sad.,.sad…sad


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