This is a fanpage which has caused uproar and condemnation in equal measure virtually in every morning talk shows , on the newspapers and the social media. Its projecting women as sexual objects for the affluent men. In other words, men who are paupers or financially challenged are unqualified clients. This is not the first sex shop website from Kenya, the only difference is that they’ve brought it to social media. The last time i checked it had over ‘52000 likes’. Everyone on facebook will agree with me that this must be a very popular page in that short span. The flip side is that some ladies have complained of their photos being uploaded on the website without their knowledge.This begs the question, are there some villains out to tarnish people’s reputation? My ‘informers’ tell me one of the admin is a student of Maseno university, am not surprised young people are the brainchild of this site. Is it the high time government regulates internet usage? Who’ll protect the children from this very shameful mess ? Is it the reality that we refuse to accept, that this generation is morally in ‘I.C.U’…Tunaomba serikali…


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