August can best be described as the bloody, emotional and catastrophic month infamous for tragedies. I have always been reluctant to believe in stereotypes but going with the trend over the years, August indeed has claimed so many precious lives. The sad part is, many deaths were as a result of violence, meaning they could have been controlled. Think of Rogo’s death by the ‘unknown assailants’, the violence which ensued thereafter that somehow diverted from genuine grievances to sectarian wars. I fail to understand how the church is related to Rogo’s death. Ideally ,the church is a place of worship, a peaceful environment to connect with your creator. How then does one get the guts to attack and worse still, loot it. Is it a warning of things to come, perhaps a wake up call to the leaders that the so called historical injustices have come back to haunt us. I belong to the school of thought that believes and affirms to the rule of law, in that I mean Rogo should have been prosecuted and charged. Killing him will only raise tension, create more rebellion and radicalisation and in fact make him a matyr..In Northern Kenya things are abit complicated, its all about numbers even if it means corruptly registering refugees as ‘Kenyans’.Interclan wars are common there and politicians use them to sway votes..My word to fellow youths is, no matter how aggrieved and agitated we might be, violence will only worsen things. We need to cultivate good co-existence and tolerance to give people like Miguna a chance to exercise their constitutional right of freedom of expression. Remember violence is the manipulation of frustrations and a look at countries like DRC ,Syria, Afghanistan should serve as a lesson. We must as a nation resist succumbing to tribal or religious wars if we ever dream of moving forward.



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