Barely few weeks after all and sundry condemned the massacre that was witnessed in Tanariver, a politician has the guts to purport to order the Maa community from his constituent. How do you make insesitive, derogatory and demeaning statements of that nature at this day and age. Whether he meant Kenyans or not is unacceptable. This is the same person who expects vote from the people. It got me thinking, how low do we voters set the bar when it comes to choosing leaders. Seemingly, the politicians have mastered our ‘genetical’ flaws. We shun making the hard decisions and rather choose to vote for ‘mùndù wa nyùmba’ (our own). We love complaining about bad leadership yet the so called leaders were not imposed on us. Our people my foot!.. Our consistent undoing , is not learning from history. We discard men and women who have Kenya at heart, who have leadership skills and integrity and vote in semi illiterate, uncivilised and rogue politicians. As the saying goes , we deserve the leaders we have. Now back to Waititu, this guy is a consistent law breaker whom we know better by being hopped to police landcruisers , mobilising people for the wrong reasons the ‘Embakasi style’, thats Waititu for you.Why should we be surprised. If the court does not deal with this kind of impunity now, I will neither not be surprised to have Waititu as the Nairobi governor. In a nutshell, we must not tolerate lords of impunity to play around with our lives. An avalanche of condemnation is not enough, we must vote for true leaders otherwise we will have dire consequences.



We attend more burials than weddings, we’re a people that have overrated alcohol, we here of more gang rapes tales, homicides, murder cases than we here of innovations, peace forums, solutions to our basic problems… We clear forests ,uproot the coffee ,block sewerage systems as we put up buildings. We pollute the environment and later on shed crocodile tears when Wangari Maathai dies. Children from poor families stay at home for weeks, since seemingly to the government a pauper is a liability . On the other end patients endure pain as the doctors’ strike persists. On the flip side the poor continue buring their people. The funny bit is that the government still has the audacity to increase its officials fat salaries. We watch in the news stigmatised kids, mothers in desperation and helpless fathers in Tanariver fleeing with their few belongings, we read of families who have lived in shoddy camps with poor sanitation from election to election…sad.,.sad…sad


In the wake of tribal wars and tribal cocoons posing as ‘national parties’, our many native languages are endangered. As election beckons so do the hate speech barometers nab the hate mongers. We are one nation that is killing our identity in the name of nationalism. What type of a generation is it if our kids can hardly echo a word in their mother tongue let alone the greetings. We want them to speak eloquent English at that tender age which is not a bad idea by the way. My issue is the hypocrisy from the guardians who dont take the iniative to let their children learn their mother tongue. We are affected by delusions and the tired notion of avoiding tribalism. The other day my nephew laughed at me when i remnisced the beautiful songs we sang in primary school. I remember we would form two circles and sing ‘watoto watèrèrè…’.Guess what, he laughed at me for hours. I couldnt believe. But he’s not alone, the so called technie savvy Y-generation which am also part of will label you ‘shags mundu’. I dont blame them, i blame the guardians who are unfortunately denying their kids the rich knowledge of our cultures. Its the most draconian act of the 21st century atleast in Africa. Tribalism is an indoctrination, its a state of mind filled with stereotypes for instance that Luos are proud, Kambas are witches, Kikuyus are money oriented ..etc. It could be true or not depending on how you perceive it, but the bottom line is, it should never divide us. The leverage of social media in our lives cant be ignored, its the power of young people who have revolutionised communication. Not withstanding the fact that they hardly speak their native languages, its evident that social media is one of the most tribal platforms. The point is, tribalism is not limited to the mere fact that you dont speak your mother tongue. Suprisingly, the reverse could be true. I admire President Obama for daring to speak kijaluo even after not learning much of it. Its because he knows the importance of identity, its a sense of beloging. They say ‘mwacha mila ni mtumwa’. Ignorance is dangerous and Jomo Kenyatta understood this so well that it became a priority of his government to eradicate it. The bible talks of ” my people will die because of ignorance”. Africa is next frontier in terms of resources. The world is looking to Africa for opportunities. So lets join hands to protect our beautiful cultures starting with our languages.


This is a fanpage which has caused uproar and condemnation in equal measure virtually in every morning talk shows , on the newspapers and the social media. Its projecting women as sexual objects for the affluent men. In other words, men who are paupers or financially challenged are unqualified clients. This is not the first sex shop website from Kenya, the only difference is that they’ve brought it to social media. The last time i checked it had over ‘52000 likes’. Everyone on facebook will agree with me that this must be a very popular page in that short span. The flip side is that some ladies have complained of their photos being uploaded on the website without their knowledge.This begs the question, are there some villains out to tarnish people’s reputation? My ‘informers’ tell me one of the admin is a student of Maseno university, am not surprised young people are the brainchild of this site. Is it the high time government regulates internet usage? Who’ll protect the children from this very shameful mess ? Is it the reality that we refuse to accept, that this generation is morally in ‘I.C.U’…Tunaomba serikali…


August can best be described as the bloody, emotional and catastrophic month infamous for tragedies. I have always been reluctant to believe in stereotypes but going with the trend over the years, August indeed has claimed so many precious lives. The sad part is, many deaths were as a result of violence, meaning they could have been controlled. Think of Rogo’s death by the ‘unknown assailants’, the violence which ensued thereafter that somehow diverted from genuine grievances to sectarian wars. I fail to understand how the church is related to Rogo’s death. Ideally ,the church is a place of worship, a peaceful environment to connect with your creator. How then does one get the guts to attack and worse still, loot it. Is it a warning of things to come, perhaps a wake up call to the leaders that the so called historical injustices have come back to haunt us. I belong to the school of thought that believes and affirms to the rule of law, in that I mean Rogo should have been prosecuted and charged. Killing him will only raise tension, create more rebellion and radicalisation and in fact make him a matyr..In Northern Kenya things are abit complicated, its all about numbers even if it means corruptly registering refugees as ‘Kenyans’.Interclan wars are common there and politicians use them to sway votes..My word to fellow youths is, no matter how aggrieved and agitated we might be, violence will only worsen things. We need to cultivate good co-existence and tolerance to give people like Miguna a chance to exercise their constitutional right of freedom of expression. Remember violence is the manipulation of frustrations and a look at countries like DRC ,Syria, Afghanistan should serve as a lesson. We must as a nation resist succumbing to tribal or religious wars if we ever dream of moving forward.

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