Someone said Kenyans are merely a collection of tribes whose wrath is best tested when elections loom .I thought we promised ourselves that the 2007/08 mayhem will never occur again but going with what happened in Tanariver, am apprehensive that this time round it will be worse. When an organised and heavily armed group decide to invade and mercilessly kill and torture innocent people in the name of revenge its really shocking.Very young children have been psychologically affected, a buzzling village has been reduced to isolated stigmatised lonely people. When a survivor narrated how his 11 children and wife were killed and animals cut into pieces, it really touched my heart.How do you cope when your entire family is inhumanely murdered? Where do you start? Whats the reason of living? We’re a generation myopic of God’s love, who’ve compromised peace and hypocritically expect a seemless life.We’ve welcomed the evil spirits in our societies and this can be depicted by the extents we go to ‘protect our people’.Am ashamed of this generation,I fear for the yet to be born.I sympathise with the bereaved.I wonder what angers God most than shedding of blood, we’ve rattled the forbidden and consequently our deeds will be judged harshly. A people with a very selfish attitude, a generation that is inviting a curse from above.


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