England is no longer suffering from olympics hangover, the Barclays Premier League has heralded its presence and stakes are high .Rumours of RVP transfer was a sweet fodder for the media but an emotional feeling for all the die-hard gooners I included. If there are football fans who have endured painful moments, criticism, desperation and ridicule, they should be from Arsenal.Our allegiance to the team has been tested over the years.When Fabregas and Nasri left people scorned us and thought we would cramble but contrary, we rose to the occassion and proved them wrong. RVP’s leverage cant be understated and him going will leave a big vacuum.We may console ourselves with newcomers Giround, Podolski and Carzola but arguably they cant fit in RVP’s shoes..Song, one of the most outstanding midfielders is also leaving at a time when we are facing our biggest test..Is RVP a traitor,well fans chanted ‘RIP RVP’ when Arsenal toured China..People forget that he is a human being who also has ambitions and wants growth and laurels like any other player. Our chances of ending our trophy-drought have been put in serious doubt even before the season takes its course…its our defining moment.


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