It started with America’s presidential contender Mitt Romney questioning and critising the level of preparation of the city of London, but in a sharp contrast president Obama congratulated UK’s prime minister David Cameron for the beautiful and seamless tournament. London has proved that its culture is an enigma especially when you consider the spectacular opening and closing ceremonies, of course it cant be compared to that of China. London is one of the busiest cities and there was an arguement that due to the city’s fast lane life the olympics would be a hindrace.Contrary to that, the stadiums were marked with enthusiasm, ‘TEAMGB’ (the host) was undoubtedly the most popular.Apparently this is one of their best performances..It will also go down in history as the first olmpic where every country had atleast a female participant.By that I mean countries like Saudi Arab and Qatar made a milestone since they have always imposed draconian laws to the women. Speaking of Kenya, it was a below average performance, am only shying from using the word dismal.If it was in the developed countries, someone would have resigned.How we fielded an athlete with an injury should be a laughable joke.How one Guyo who participated in javelin didnt have a couch is not only shameful but unacceptable.Hard questions will be asked about internal wrangling between the relevant bodies, corruption,incompetence, arrogance etc but the big question is, who will take responsibility? Winning should never be taken for granted,it has never been a walk in the park, its sheer hardwork..Focus now is Brazil 2016 where I hope will compete in walking,high jump,tennis and virtually every sport


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