During the times of our grandparents myths were very popular and they were narrated to the young ones as they warmed while engulfing the bonfire to pass the night.Tales of ogres eating people were among the common ones.The long and short of this is that, cannibalism is no longer a myth atleast in Kenya.We watched in the news a man being charged for not only killing but consuming parts of a human body.Still recently a man was caught red handed on broad daylight slaughtering cats to be sold to unsuspecting customers.Every man for himself and God for us all, that seems to be the mantra.The last time I checked, they were selling us donkey and dogs meat..As you ponder that, I recently stumbled on a blog lamenting on the rapidly evolving culture of England. Many of the indigenious churches are closing down and being converted to more ‘lucrative’ businesses like strip clubs or other entertainment joints .The congregation has been shrinking by the day and so do the offering.Consequently the churches have been unable to meet their daily expenses..Closer home the number of churches is contrary to what is happening in the west.It outnumbers its people, but the correlation is rather interesting, the more the churches the more moral decay worsens. And speaking of matters concerning the church, am sure the name Esther Mwende sounds familiar.She alleged she had a deal with a pastor to fake testimonies in his sermons.Everyone went uproar for about two weeks and we buried the story.Let me dare to say that we missed the point.While we accused ‘a man of god’ for blasphemy, we didnt care that Mwende was smoking openly and even admitting she’s a prostitute…because we’re a hypocritical generation of double standards!…I keep lamenting how our shock absorbers have been overstretched, we were all shocked when it emerged that a student in USIU had been kidnapped by fellow students.Where are we headed? We have every reason to pray and repent without ceasing since DOOMSDAY IS BECKONING.


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  1. Andrew, I agree wth this and as our society may seem to be moraly decaying I cant help but remember what the scripture says, that the human heart is deceitful above all else, capable of all manner of evil and vile things. This despite what we may think, is true. There is nothing new under the sun, so, as shocked as we may be, lets take a drive through history, nineveh, babylon, even the church at corinth, bt for me the solution is in Romans 1. Read up.

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